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Samba Restaurant - Nuevo Vallarta

The most convenient restaurant for Grand Mayan guests, the Samba is by the pool. It is a good place for lunch by the pool . It is in the center of action and has fun, reasonably priced food. Of course you can get any of your favorite tropical cocktails. It is also open for breakfast some of the time. Check with the concierge.  The prices are out of date.  We will try to get a new one soon. 


The prices are in pesos.
100 pesos=$7.75 150 pesos= $11.50 200 pesos= $15.50
Samba Lunch Menu 1
Samba Lunch Menu 2
Samba Lunch Menu 3
Samba Lunch Menu 4
Samba Lunch Menu 5
Samba Lunch Menu 6
Samba Lunch Menu 7
Samba Dinner Menu 1
Samba Dinner Menu 2
Samba Dinner Menu 3
Samba Dinner Menu 4
Samba Dinner Menu 5Samba Dinner Menu 6

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