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It has been a long time in the making, and it has gone several iterations of reinvention or reimagining, but it does seem like Vidanta World theme park (or dream parks as they are calling it) will open it’s first component in the next year or two.   Notice I specifically did not try to predict an actual date.  If you are more of a video person, we have a video that shows some of the Vidanta World concepts and current construction.  

February 2023 Update

Much to our surprise, development of the park has occurred much quicker than we predicted in the article below.  Well, at least for the first phase.  There is an area called the crater and there is a fully functioning laser light show, that several of our members have called spectacular .  The picture to  the left is an aerial courtesy of a  theme park construction website that monitors theme park development  around the world.   On that website there is a video of part of the light show.   This and maybe a couple of rides are thought to possible be open yet this year.  

The ride suppliers for the future are an impressive list including Vekoma, BertazzonIntamin,  and Murphy's Waves,   



Cirque du Soleilfood at cirque

While the original vision of a park with an entire Cirque du Soleil theme did not come to fruition, there will definitely be a permanent Cirque dinner theater like the one in Riviera Maya.  Having been to the Cirque du Soleil dinner  theater in Riviera Maya called Joya,   the food and the entertainment will both be of the absolute highest quality.   You can get a preview of the Cirque by renting a week at Vidanta Riviera Maya . Be sure to do the dinner theater, it's worth the price. 



The New Vision

Current plans have expanded so that in addition to the Cirque du Soleil, Vidanta World will cover over 800 acres and will include multiple different theme parks.  You can get a taste at the Vidanta World website.   While short on details, it seems there will be an aquatic experience park that will likely be the first component to open.  There is also to be an immersive fantasy theme park and a Nature Deamvidanta theme park Park (whatever that may mean)

This all sounds a lot like a Mexican Disneyworld  and one very promising sign, is that they claim to have Disney’s former master planner, Wing Chao, working on The Parks design.  However, Vidanta is emphasizing immersive experiences that promise to take “The Parks” to a whole new level.  Beyond Disney type entertainment features, the descriptors that keep popping up in the news reports are that the Parks will be filled with “immersive” and “experiential” entertainment, not just the typical thrilling amusement park rides, “all planned, designed, and executed by the most accomplished experts in the field”. 

Vidanta says it will be “culture-shifting” and will “fuse luxury with imagination, creating a fantastical world where adventures leap to life."  Even if this is hyperbole,  it seems like we are in for a whole new entertainment experience.

VidantaWorld Hotels Suites

kingdom of the sun bedroom
Kingdom of the Sun bedroom
cascades living room
Cascades living room

 There are to be three different hotels built inside “The Parks” .   Kingdom of the Sun, The Cascades, and Celebrate Park.  Looking at the models, the Cascades are similar to updated Mayan Palace in size and design.  The Kingdom of the Sun suites are similar to updated versions of the Grand Mayan.   I have yet to see the Celebrate Park units, but I am guessing perhaps they will be like the Grand Bliss.    Please leave a comment if you have seen the Celbrate Park units.  Vidanta has been selling timeshare contracts for each of these in-park hotels over the last several years. 


skydreamSky Dream Gondolas

In order to create anticipation,  the SkyDream gondolas that will take visitors from the current Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta beach area to VidantaWorld are up and running.  Here are a few views of the gondola and views of the park construction from the gondola.

The SkyDream runs 2 miles each way.  It  includes 5 stops—3 at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta and 2 at the forthcoming VidantaWorld.  It reaches a height of 160 feet and reaches a maximum of 16 feet per second, which is 10 mph.

Location of the Park

The park is located at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta between the resort and the highway and spreads over the highway along the Ameca River.  Our guests at the resort will  have access to the park for a fee.   Some of our member contracts will  have free access !

The Dream Parks and Current Construction

The opening date for the first component, which seems like it will be the water theme park, is now in 2023 or 2024.  Here are some photos comparing the vision with the current construction.   Work does seem to be continuous again. Update for November 2022,  check out the latest photos on the Themaparx website    It seemed to slow during the pandemic.  We are all looking forward to the theme park called Vidanta World or simply "The Parks", complete with Cirque du Soleil.

vidanta statue
Vision for Vidanta statue
current vidanta statue
current vidanta statue










Kingdom of the Sun construction
kingdom of the sun
Kingdom of the sun from the highway
kingdom of the sun
kingdom of the sun vision

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