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Dining Nuevo Vallarta

As Guests of the Estates you will have access to all the restaurants on Nuevo Vallarta resort listed below. However, the first one is accessible exclusively to Estates guests and is the be premier restaurant on the resort.


Nestled amidst the Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta's luxurious Estates, The Brezza restaurant stands as a culinary oasis, just as the estates are a living space oasis. With its captivating ambiance and tantalizing menu, Brezza offers an unforgettable dining experience that combines world-class cuisine with impeccable service.

As you step into Brezza, you are greeted by staff that are a sophisticated blend of elegant and warmly casual. Combined with the restaurant's chic décor and tasteful accents, the result is a welcoming space where guests can unwind and indulge in a truly memorable dining experience.

From the first bite to the last, each dish at Brezza is a symphony of flavors. Whether you're in the mood for the rich and robust flavors of traditional Mexican cuisine or craving international delicacies with a modern twist, the menu at Brezza offers a diverse range of options to suit every palate. Indulge in freshly caught seafood, savor perfectly grilled prime cuts of meat, or explore the vibrant flavors of expertly crafted vegetarian and vegan dishes. Pair your meal with a fine wine from an extensive selection or allow the talented mixologists to create a custom cocktail just for you.

Bistro Bleu

From oysters to crepes, Bistro Bleu has a variety of French foods to choose from, along with a large variety of fine wines. The food is cooked well and the servers are very attentive. With everything from lobster to lamb, you’re bound to find classic French dish you love, with a modern outlook on the foods you know. To make things even better the restaurant has a beautiful romantic atmosphere and beautiful veranda overlooking Banderas Bay.

The Burger Custom Made

But a spin on your favorite burger, and let your taste buds explore something new, and exciting. With a wide assortment of ingredients you would never think to put on a burger, such as lamb, duck, or foie gras. Alongside your meal The Burger Custom Made serves parmesan truffle fries, another spin on an old favorite, and has handmade shakes to top off your meal with a delicious dessert. This is also the best place to get a steak .Located inside the Luxxe Punta building.

Tres Aromas

This is the reincarnation of The Epazote. It is a high end restaurant with unique creations of classic Mexican dishes. You can expect the highest quality ingredients prepared with care, dedication and precision. We have had some of our best mole's at this beautiful establishment. Located right in the foyer of the Luxxe building number one, so you can top your experience with an anejo tequila at the Luxxe Bar.

Green Table

Sitting on the Ameca river, and near by the Grand Luxxe Spa Pool, the new Green Table offers snacks and light meals, great for a midday treat after a big breakfast, or for the days you don’t want anything to heavy after you’ve been in the sun and or exercising all day. Crab cake Pita sandwiches make for a delectable treat to last you until dinner.


With its sushi, and other pan-Asian favorites, Gong is a great place to go for something different than the usual authentic Mexican fare. Some fan favorites include the pecking duck, which is carved by your waiter table side, along with the fish and excellent sushi, which will provide some Asian flare to your stay.Along with Tramonto, this is one of the most popular resorts on site, so best to make a reservation in advance. It is located across the street from the Grand Mayan.


One of the most popular spots on the resort, Tramonto offers a blend of Italian and American cuisine . Dining here allows you to sit and enjoy the tastes of both countries, paired with wines from their international wine list. With things like pasta, risotto, prime rib, and many authentic Italian dishes.Tramonto also has a bar, where you can order drinks, and listen to live performances. Because of the popularity, you should make a reservation soon after check in.

Havana Moon

When you’re in the mood for something a little spicier, Havana Moon provides Caribbean inspired cuisine.. Their specialty is the Caribbean classic, jerk chicken and their shrimp, both served in such large portions, so be prepared to take home some left overs! Overlooking the beach Havana moon will transport you from Mexico, to the Caribbean for a night. You can get a shuttle if you are not up for the walk. Sitting on the edge of the beach, listening to the live music, most nights, you might imagine you are in Cuba for a while.


If you are searching for something healthier during your stay balance offers some options that will be better for your waist line, but no less delicious. With smoothies, salads, sandwiches and more, this snack bar is a great place to grab something to eat after a long day, located near the Grand Mayan Brio spa. If you’re looking to indulge, they even offer gelato!


A laid back meal can be just what you need when spending a day in the sun. With their burgers, cocktails, and their specialty meal: Octopus tacos, you’re sure to find yourself satisfied and full after a meal at Balche.

Frozen Frenzy

When a heaping bowl of frozen yogurt is what you desire in the heat of Mexico, look no farther than Frozen Frenzy. This pay by the pound Frozen Yogurt joint provides a wide variety of cold dairy confections. To literally top it off there are dozens of toppings to select, from cookies, to chocolate, or if you’re looking for something sweet but also healthy, fresh fruit.Located in La Plaza market.

Blue Fish

With the tropical offerings of Blue Fish, every seafood lover will find something they love. You’ll be able to return to an old favorite dish such as seafood taco’s, Or you can try something new with their variety of foods One of our personal favorites is the Ceviche (which consists of fish or shrimp marinated in spices and citrus juices.) which is their specialty, and can be ordered in a number of different ways! It is located in the Luxxe pool area.

Café del Lago

Speaking personally, Café Del Lago has the very best breakfast buffet we have ever had. There is a huge selection of eggs, meats, cheeses, and breads, along with the option to have omelets made to order. If you want something sweet, they also offer crepes and plenty of fresh local fruits. There is even some very nice sushi. Several nights a week they also offer themed dinner menus. Café del Lago even has a stunning view to offer, allowing you to choose to enjoy your breakfast inside, or out where you may have a view of the nearby Mayan Palace lake.


Get a taste of something you didn’t expect to love. With rich flavors of their authentic Spanish food, you and everyone in your party is bound to fall in love with the exotic flavors. In addition to their other dishes, Chiringuito offers a variety of tapas, brightly flavored small dishes, which provide the option to order several and turn it into a meal, or simply eaten as an appetizer. It is located in the Grand Bliss pool area.

Il Forno di Gio

Operating out of Havana Moon’s kitchen is Il Forno di Gio, an Italian pizza place. They provide a wide variety of pizza’s which can be made to order. Its Nuevo Vallarta location provides delivery only, which allows you to eat your pizza or the other Italian food they serve, where ever you’d like to. Dishes beside the pizzas include steaks, and salad. This is a good place for a break from the busy restaurant style, to give you a chance to enjoy your meal with loved ones.

Punta Arena

Sitting at the perfect point to enjoy the views of Banderas Bay, Punta Arena is a great place to go and enjoy seafood while looking out over the water. With their fresh caught seafood, such as a variety of fish, crabs, muscles, and lobsters, which can be ordered however you’d like.

Ola Mulata

A great place for something a little more casual, Ola Mulata overlooks the water, and serves sandwiches, burgers, tacos, along with fresh caught sea food. If you’re missing the states, Ola Mulata also has a variety of American favorites, like barbeque ribs, steaks, and chili dogs. All their food is prepared on an open-air grill, so your meal will come fresh off the coals. Located near the beach in the Grand Mayan Pool area.


Along the Grand Mayan pool, the Samba is great for breakfast lunch and dinner. In the morning they provide a breakfast buffet, along with other Mediterranean breakfast dishes served ala carte. For lunch and dinner you can expect food which is a little more on the casual side, but no less delicious. Things like seafood, salads, pastas, sandwiches, and soup, including the fan favorite, the saffron scented soup.

Si Snack

Located poolside at the Grand Luxxe resort, you’ll be able to order small meals, appetizers, and drinks, which can be delivered right to your pool side seat, so that you can enjoy the food while enjoying the beautiful poolside, and sunny day. Perfectly refreshing after a long day at the pool, or even a great way to start an afternoon.

Sweet Paris

Located in the La Plaza building, you can taste a little bit of Paris with Sweet Paris’ rendition of classic French foods, like Panini’s, soups, salads, and crepes. Serving crepes for breakfast lunch and dinner you’ll be offered a variety of styles of crepe. Including breakfast crepes, like the savory Hostonian crepe, or the sweet Nutella crepe, which is served all day long. Enjoy your meal at this café style restaurant, while looking over the water.

Sky Garden

Exclusive to those staying at the Luxxe Residence (Buildin 5), sky garden provides pool side cocktails and light meals. Overlooking the Ameca River and the Sierra Madres, sit pool side, and lounge around while enjoying sandwiches, salads, and well-made drinks. Sky Garden is fitted with sun beds and loungers to allow you to kick back while enjoying your food.

La Cantina

Enjoying your favorite traditional Mexican dishes in a casual atmosphere. Enjoy a sports game and a craft beer with your meal. La Cantina serves locally bought ingredients, so your meal will be fresh. This sports bar atmosphere gives off a lively vibe, with its wall decorations, and saddle style bar stools.

Tacos Break

Located in the same building as La Plaza and Sweet Paris, on the top floor you can get legit Mexican street food. It is the place for an inexpensive meal bursting with flavor. Tamales, Mexican street corn, Aguas frescas and a variety of tacos, tortas and enchiladas.