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Vidanta's Extraordinary Response to Covid-19!

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*Vidanta resorts will be providing on-site, PCR COVID testing for return trips home. Appointments will be made on day of check-in. Fees vary by location. Please call 800-292-9446 for information.

Hello friends,

We are well aware of the challenging times we have encountered with Covid 19, especially when it comes to memory-making vacations. Vidanta is widely known for offering its guests a vacation experience that is filled with luxurious accommodations, lavish surroundings, and exceptional service.

We are excited to let you know that Vidanta continues to not disappoint. Below is a list of Covid 19 related videos that highlight the "Extraordinary Standards" the resort is taking to keep your health and safety their top priority. We think you will agree that you might be in no safer place than a Vidanta resort!

We invite you to enjoy the following, important information regarding how Vidanta is creating as safe an environment as can probably be accomplished during this Covid 19 season.


Recent Guest Testimonial:

First of all, Vidanta is doing a great job of taking care of safety. We were very impressed. They are very forward in having everyone use hand sanitizer, wear masks in the Mercado and shops, they took our temperature when we first entered the grounds and randomly throughout our stay when out in public. All staff wears masks (and, in some cases, face protection) at all times. Being able to socially distance was not a problem. They’re doing a good job. We felt very safe. In summary, we are very glad we went. It was a little scaled back but that didn’t matter to us. And we chose to not go into town but stayed safe at the resort. Golf and the massages were really enjoyed. They took good care of us.

We hope you enjoy your trip to a Vidanta resort as much as we do!!!

Thank you and please let us know how we can serve you during this time!

The Mayan Rental Team

John and Linda Jameson
Allen and Nina Heneveld

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