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A Mid-Winter Gift From MayanRental

As a post holiday gift from MayanRental, we are introducing you to a fairly new type of  Mexican cocktail we first jalapenosdiscovered at the Cirque du Soleil dinner in Riviera Maya.   When we came back to the U.S., it was like when you buy a new car and suddenly everyone seems to have the same model.  We started seeing different versions of this drink everywhere.

This  latest cocktail trend has produced some of our favorite cocktails ever.  There  is not standard class name so we will just call them spicy mezcal cocktails.   Before we go any farther, we should mention that the smoky, sometimes metallic taste of Mezcal is not for everyone.   However, never fear, you can create a less complex, less adventuresome version of these drinks by simply  substituting Tequila for the Mezcal.

The base for these drinks are fruit juices.  It can be lime based like margaritas, but many add pineapple juice to the lime .  Cilantro lovers can add cilantro as a substantial garnish to add depth of flavor and complexity.  Those of you that hate cilantro will have to miss out on that bonus. Don't feel bad, cilantro hating is genetic !

The ideal mix of fruit flavors is up for opinion and personal experimentation.  One of our favorite versions is take from this website.  And is as follows for 4 drinks:

               4 to 6 ounces Mezcal

               2 to  3 ounces orange liquor  (Grand Marnier if you can afford it)

               4 ounces of Lime juice

               12 ounces pineapple juice

The challenge is how to add the spice that makes for the characteristic taste of this type of drink.  We have been experimenting with this and here are some ideas that we have tried with varying degrees of success.

Habanero Bitters  

You can simply add these at the end of making your cocktail.  We have not been enamored with the result ,  it is difficult to get enough “heat’ without overpowering the flavors with the bitters

Habanero Vodka.

   In a word…. No.  This is not great.

Infuse mezcal or  tequila with a Jalapeno

Third time is the charm.  Simply slice a jalpeno thinly, including the seeds and put it into the Mezcal you want to use to make up 4 drinks.  More than 4 drinks, add more jalapeno.  If all the people you are mixing for are cilantro lovers, you can muddle in a handful in as well.    Then strain the liquor and proceed to mix with fruit juices.  If you forget to strain it we will NOT be held responsible. 


Hey wait !  we just discovered a fourth option.   A company named Tanteo makes a jalapeno tequila.   We found a bottle while visiting our sun in Atlanta.  Not sure how widely available it is .  We tested it out for you can’t get enough spice using half Tanteo and half mezcal.  So, if you want mezcal you have to do

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