25 Things to Do on Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta

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Twenty Five Things To Do  at the Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta Resort We have stayed at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta resort  well over ten times, and we have found new things to do every single time.   This blog post will talk about 25 of those things, but there are many more. 1.…

Free Packing List for Your Resort Vacation in Mexico

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Free Packing List for Your Resort Vacation in Mexico Getting ready for vacation is always a bit stressful.  In an effort to make it less stressful, we have created a packing list specifically for a Resort Vacation In Mexico. Beware, there is some sarcastic humor mixed in.  Sorry,  but a…

MayanRental Discounts 2024

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MayanRental Discounts 2024 Just Added:  $200 off ANY MAYAN PALACE  TWO BEDROOM OR STUDIO for Holy Week or Easter Week.  !!  Check them out by clicking the Ready Made Bookings on the orange button.  Just mention the newsletter when you request the booking.  Hurry, we will have to cancel them…

Vidanta Vacation Booking Tips 2024

Vidanta Vacation Booking Tips 2024 Airline rates are down.     Your need for a vacation is up. So what do you need to know about booking your vacation at Vidanta in 2024?   February / March February and March vacations need to be booked right now before we have…

Twenty Years of Fun Times in Mexico

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Twenty Years of Fun Times in Mexico We bought our first Vidanta time share contract in 2002 .  We have been in Mexico at least once for almost every year since.  We have had so many fun experiences it is hard to choose, but here are 20 of our favorite…

What is MayanRental? Our History

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MayanRental : Past, Present, and Future   Twenty years ago today (sounds like a Beatles song), John and Linda bought two weeks of an elite Mayan Palace contract.   They were convinced that renting it would be easy.  But after listing with two different companies, they soon found that rentals…