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Cafe des Artiste

- $$$$$ - Four blocks from the Malecon, next door to Si Senior, downtown Puerto Vallarta. This restaurant has probably the best reputation as a Gourmet Restaurant in town. The reputation is well deserved, if you can get beyond the dollar signs this is a “don’t miss” place. Great food and great service in a beautifull restaurant. We will definitely go again. (and again) Has to be in my top five ! Ambiance A Food A
Review by one of our timeshare owners-Paul Gousset

Update March 2013: We visited with Paul , his wife and a couple of his friends. It is a very elegant decor, with a garden like atmosphere. Even waiting for a table is an elegant setting. The menu also is elegant with creative items like foie gras cappucino. However, the food did not live up to expectations. All the dishes were rich and creamy, but not a lot of flavor. In my opinion, the food was fine, but did not live up the price and the ambience.

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