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Cafe Media Luna - Playa del Carmen

Where is Cafe Media Luna.  Tricky question.  There are actually 2 unrelated restaurants with the name Café Luna.The one we like is  on 5th avenue between 8th and 10th is also called Media Luna.  It  doesn’t seem to show up several of the guidebooks.Other books call it “the place to eat in Playa".We discovered it years ago.It was the place I first tasted one of my favorite drinks. A Kahlua Colada. The menu has a variety of funky, yuppie fare that is very well prepared and presented.They have great vegetarian dishes, fresh fish, wonderful pastas and huge delicious salads.  Last time we were there, the Kahlua colada wasn’t even on the menu any more, but we asked and they made one anyway.Still one of my favorites!

Here is how it goes. Day 3 you tire of Mexican. Day 5 you tire of Italian. Now it's time for Media Luna. It is a great, reasonably priced, tasty alternative when you are wandering off the resort

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