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Comfort Economy and Upcharges

Whenever you book an airline ticket these days, they present you with an incredible menu of "upgrade" options.  For a mere $12 you can have wifi all day on your flights with Delta. If you are taking a 4 or 5 hour flight and you have a notebook computer that lasts 4 or 5 hours on a battery, it might even be worth it. But often, by the time they bring drinks and those "luxury" snacks, You won't get much use out of your $12.

Economy Comfort

You can also pay extra for economy comfort seats. During my last flight from Grand Rapids to Atlanta Idecided to spring for the $29, just so I could know what the deal was. If you are (ahem) a little wider than

tight fit in an airline seat

Economy Comfort and Oxymoron?

average, this will not help you much. The seats are the identical width to the economy seats. Three seats across, on each side on the Airbus A320. They do definitely give you more legroom. But for $60 on our next flight to Puerto Vallarta flight, $120 for my wife and I for four hours of a little more stretch is probably not going to be worth it. Of course it is all dependent on whether $120 sound like a lot to you, or not. I found a blog post that describes how to get better seats without paying. Leave comments below of your experience with these kinds of upgrades!

Early Boarding

You can also pay a few dollars extra to get early boarding. For me personally, I have always thought it is a psychological ploy to make people think early boarding is a perk. The idea of cramming yourself into an airline seat before you have to is a bit crazy to me. I know, I know, you want to make sure you have space for your carry on. Ok, better you than me. I'll take my chances. I might even pay extra to NOT board early.

What's Next?

With charges for checking bags and food and things I would never think to pay for, you have to wonder what they will think of next. Maybe you will need to swipe your credit card at the bathroom or pay $0.50 more to upgrade your peanuts to almonds. I don't even want to think what Pistachios might cost.

Hey, I know. Maybe they can charge us a bottle opening fee for our ice water or coke!

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