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Grand Bliss Nuevo Vallarta Part Two- ATV tour and Old Town Puerto Vallarta

Day Three and Four

After I took a morning run around the whole resort, day three was pool day. We hung out by the pool, Linda in the sun with a book, me in the shade with my kindle. It really does work in bright daylight. We took an occasional break from reading to take a couple laps in the lazy river on tubes. Why is that so incredibly relaxing?

ATV Tour

One day around the pool and we were ready for a little light adventure. We signed up for an ATV tour into the Sierra Madre mountains. It took a $20 cab ride to get to Old Town in Puerto Vallarta. We went with Unique ATV tours. This tour takes you on dirt roads through villages. No off road. Things went fairly smoothly except for a small altercation I had with the guide who was going around corners literally balancing on two wheels and then told me i had to stop gassing it and sliding occasionally. I took great exception to this hypocrisy and after a bit of heated discussion a compromise was reached. I would bring up the rear where I wouldn't affect anyone else. I could slide around to my heart's content. We visited the River Canopy zip line and had a introduction to Tequila making and also Tequila tasting. Tequila tasting in the middle of driving a fairly powerful motorized toy..... only in Mexico.
The tour ended at a small open air restaurant by a river. We met a couple from northern california who were on the tour with us. They were singing the praises of JoJack's Fish Shack and their two for one Mojito's in the afternoon. Soon we were discussing every topic imaginable over said Mojito's . After the second Mojito, they let out that they didn't like me at first due to the episode with the tour guide. Guess my sparkling personality won out in the end because that was just the beginning. From the mojito's, they took us to places they had discovered in Old Town. First a bakery that didn't open until 7PM and we got fresh baked loaves right out of the oven . Next a classic taco stand with 6 or 7 different salsa choices. I am proud to say I tried one or two from the hot side. In a store front next to the taco stand they made crepes !! We split one filled with banana and nutella. Basic. And delicious. Finally our new found friends helped us sort out which bus went to Walmart (the cental hub for all busses in the area). From there we chose the convenience of a taxi back to our Grand Bliss Nuevo Vallarta home.

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