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Marital Miscommunication Tragedy

I am sharing a story from a couple of years ago to help you all improve your relationships.   This story is a little funny and a little tragic, so it has everything.

Our Daughter Rachel and Husband Brent

Linda and I have been going to the Puerto Vallarta area every year for.....years.   One of our favorite things is to take friends and family and introduce them to the things we love.   So it was fantastic when our daughter , Rachel and her husband Brent decided to spend a  week with us in the Vidanta Grand Luxxe .

The Back Story

The only problem is that they are young people with limitless energy.  So off we went !!  We have done the Rio Cuale zipline two or three times and they wanted to check it out.   Flying four hundred feet over a river gorge or upside down over the river is truly a blast.   That is where the trouble began.  Let me present it in dialogue form:



The Dialogue

       John:  "You know we really don't have to go with them.   They are adults"

       Linda:  "Are you kidding? We can't let them go alone.  They are new to Mexico"

       John:  " OK, hon,  no problem.  You know I am an adrenaline junkie.  I am happy to go"

 (Later on top of the mountain,  on the benches getting instructions)

       John:  " You do realize, we could be sitting at Jo Jack's drinking the best mojito's in the world "

       Linda:  " What !!!???  I thought you always wanted to go!  that's why I said we should go with them"

       John :  " What  !!??  I only agreed to go because you said we had to.  I didn't care if I went again !!"

And there you have it.  Classic Marital miscommunication.   We laughed .  It was hysterical. 

The Tragedy 

So where is the tragedy you are waiting for?   That was the zipline trip that started my wife on the road to a ruptured disc and eventual back surgery.  So friends,  don't say what you think your significant other wants.   Ask what they really want !!  


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