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Mark's Bar and Grill

December 10, 2009

This beautiful restaurant in Bucerias is a not to miss place. No disappointments here, best shrimp in town. Be sure to ask what they got in fresh that day. Fresh daily made bread and flatbreads. In my top three restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. Drinks are small and expensive.

review written by Paul Gousset.

Juan Pedro’s note: Bucerias is the next town up the coast from Nuevo Vallarta. Fun little town with a nice mix of Expats and locals. We loved this restaurant a couple of years back but Paul was less enamored in later visits. We would give the ambience an A- , but there was live music when we were there, which helped a lot.

Would like to hear of anyone else's recent experiences.

While we were waiting for someone else's comments, We visited again in spring 2012 while we were staying at the Nuevo Vallarta resort, the Grand Mayan !! We had fabulous food again this time. I started with Lobster Pumpkin Bisque with Shrimp Pieces and moved on to the Macadamia Crusted Red Snapper with wilted Ginger Spinach, Fruit Salsa and Thai Curry Sauce. Everything was flavorful and unique. This remains one of our favorite spots in the Puerto Vallarta area. Their website is

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