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The Mayan Resort at Nuevo Vallarta is by far the largest and most diverse of all the Mayans around Mexico. There are more than 8 restaurants and tnat doesn't even count the bars. People always ask about the cost and the quality of the food. The quality is exceptional and the cost is reasonable. But we will let you see for youself. We have prepared a collection of menus from the main restaurants and posted them here for you to review. In addition to these on site restaurants, there is an endless variety in nearby Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias and ( a little farther away) Puerto Vallarta. These menus were accurate as of fall 2011. If we can get newer copies we will continue to update them for you.  We are missing a menu from our favorite restaurant, the Epazote in the Grand Luxxe building number one. These menus were up to date as of the beginning of 2012. The list will be completely published by the end ofMarch. Because they don't do all inclusive, the quality of the food is much higher. No hassle with money or credit cards though, just charge it to your room.

If you are ready to see the resort info in addition to the food, you can get info about Renting the Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta or Renting the Grand Bliss Nuevo Vallarta from us . For our Mexican friends, click on the the Espanol link on the menu at the top.