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Portabellos Bistro

Tucked into a scenic corner of Neuvo Vallarta lies Portobello’s Bistro, a restaurant boasting what patrons claim is Italian food better than if you’d flown straight to Italy!


Like many of the area’s restaurants, Portobello’s sits over the marina which allows you to see the water and boats passing by if you chose to dine on the outdoor patio. Although that option provides appealing scenery, you also run the risk of having your meal interrupted by pesky bugs. The inside is equally pretty as the view from the outside. The restaurant would be a good choice if you’re looking for something a little higher class, with prices that range from medium to a tad on the higher end of things, it would be a perfect date spot, if you’re looking for something special, and since it’s a bit of a smaller restaurant, you’ll find that the staff won’t be quite as rushed which in some cases will make your meal more pleasant. Their servers are helpful, attentive, and know the menus well, although some tripadvisor reviews say this causes them to be a bit pushy.


People rave about the takeout pizza, although a few people have said that they now use a different, less high quality meat.  Not sure who to believe,so please leave a comment if you have an opintion.  Regardless Portabello’s specializes in fantastic Italian food, so if that’s what you’re in the mood for you won’t be disappointed. They also serve a wide variety of wines and cocktails, which are although pricey, delicious. If you have opted for some of the top of the line nearby accomodations such as the new two and three bedroom lofts,  you will be looking for the hight quality of food and atmosphere this restaurant offers.  

So overall there's not too much bad to say about Portobellos!  if you decide to enjoy the beautiful views outside, prepare for bugs during a small part of the year, but overall be ready for an amazing night of delicious Italian food and great service with a classy and relaxing view.

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