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Puerto Vallarta 2012 - Day 2 - Rio Cuale Zipline

Larry and John headed off first thing in the morning to the do the amazing zip line over the Rio Cuale (Cuale River) ravine. This is also called the River Canopy zipline. There are 10 or 12 trips back and forth.

puerto vallarta zipline upside down[/caption

High speed and very high zipline

high speed and very high zipline

Upside down adrenaline


The highest run is 400 feet up. John must have had a certain look in his eye, because the fun loving guides asked if he wanted to go upside down. You can see the photo for to get an idea of the technique, but you have to do it to get the rush. Larry could not be outdone by the old guy, so he had the adrenaline experience as well. Just to warn you, this adventure does require a modest amount of uphill walking between runs. This organization runs very well and the employees have that unique Mexican ability to make you laugh and feel welcome. The brochure says it is minutes from town, but the bus trip up the winding dirt road does take a half hour or so. It is still the closest to town of the big zip lines.


Part of the experience is a visit to a demonstration area of how they make tequila, a tasting, and the opportunity to empty your wallet and go home with a bottle of tequila as a souvenir. It is worth it just so you can understand terms like agave, reposada and anejo.

Ladies Don’t Be a Wimp

Our one big regret was that we didn’t talk the women into abandoning their poolside margaritas to get outside their comfort zones and share the experience with us. So guys, don’t leave the women home.

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