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Shopping in Playa del Carmen

Mayan Palace north of Playa del Carmen

Mayan Palace north of Playa del Carmen

I usually find myself shopping in Playa del Carmen during our regular stays at the Mayan Palace north of Playa del Carmen. I thought it would be helpful to write a few helpful hints for shoppers and their hapless spouses. Remember that the cruise ships drop people off near Jaurez on 5th avenue.That means that closer you get to Juarez, the higher the density of the t shirt and trinket shops. As you walk north on 5th avenue,the scenery gets better, the restaurants get more interesting and the shopping goes from trinkets to silver.So actually, men you might be have a smaller credit card bill if you stay down with the droves of cruisers. But still, it is worth the financial risk not to read stuff like " I don't need Google, my wife knows everything" or a t shirt commenting about the size of your..... anyway...... moving on....

I have read that you can’t negotiate in the nicer shops in Mexico, but I have not found that to be the case. We seem strangely drawn (well, my wife is drawn and she draws me) to a silver shop just where the tiny Calle Corazon (alleyway) goes off 5th ave. My wife circles 3 times , finds what she wants and then calls me in as “the closer”.

There are also some very interesting art shops, clothing shops etc in this same area. However, this is not the Miami Beach style shops of Cancun, but that is a good thing in my mind. If I wanted Miami Beach, I would have gone to Cancun. Non-shopping spoused may also grab the opportunity to stop at a streetside table for a Margarita and sit out a few shops.


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