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Three Important Things This Week

February 27, 2018

#1 Hey Procrastinators !   Book March / Easter NOW !!!Riviera Maya Beach side Gazebo

There is not much time left to finalize a booking at Vidanta for March or for Easter week.  Contact us NOW ....... Please.  or Go HERE  to  see EXACTLY what we have left for you.


#2 Welcome New Team Members Nina and Allen

Nina and Allen Heneveld

After 15 years,  John and Linda finally admit to needing some help.   Especially with the new Cirque du Soleil park coming in a year or two. Meet Nina and Allen Heneveld.  If you happen to get one of them on the phone, tell them " Welcome to MayanRental"  We are family of Vidanta members and guests.  





#3  John and Linda In Bucerias

Bucerias is a small village just up the road from Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta.   John and Linda will be there starting tomorrow posting pics on Facebook and researching a "Best Margarita in Bucerias" Blog post.    They will be staying in one of the spectacular new Loft units starting Saturday.  All in the name of research.  Hey, we look out for all you blog post readers !!  (sly smile).    Allen and Nina ,will also take one for the team and join us for a week or hard work on the resort.  (another sly smile)

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