Vidanta Cabo East Cape Opening - Sort Of   

For years upper level Vidanta members have been anxiously waiting for the opening of the Vidanta Cabo East Cape.  Currently there is a Grand Mayan resort in San Jose del Cabo right on the beach.  It is much smaller than Vidanta Riviera Maya or Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta.   It is a beautiful resort right on the beach and is a perfect base camp for exploring the baja peninsula.  However,there  there  has  been  a plan  for  a large  highend  Vidanta  resort  on  the  East  Cape.Zacatitos Beach

Location  and Challenges

So what's the big deal?   The tip of the Baja is beautiful, but the the  swimming is treacherous in all but a few special swimmable areas.    The East Cape faces the calm waters of the Sea of Cortes (also known as the Gulf of California).  It is has remote untouristed beaches , and a rugged desert landscape.   The most famous beach is Zacatitos and there has been complaints from locals at the loss of their free access to the beach.  There seems to have been also political barriers to getting permits and more recently getting infrastructure like electricity and roads.   However,  construction has finally begun.

Vidanta East Cape - The Vision

Vidanta East Cape Vision

The plan is for a Grand Luxxe and above resort with a massive salt water swimming pool.   Perhaps the largest in the world.  For years during the early 2000's  the Mayan Palace Riviera Maya had the largest pool in Latin America and I think Vidanta would like to reclaim some of those bragging rights.  When completed, this will be the most exclusive and luxury focussed Vidanta location yet.   It won't have the liveliness of the soon to come VidantaWorld theme park, but it will have an incredible location and an incomparable elegance.  And there is a plan to add a Cirque du Soleil  like the one in Riviera Maya.  The final project is expected to be 3,000 acres, complete with an 18 hole Greg Norman designed golf caourse. 

Vidanta East Cape Location and Getting There

You don't get an exclusive location without a little travel time.   It is located around 30 minutes from San Jose del Cabo following the East Cape road north.  However, it is almost an hour from the SJO airport because the Rio San Jose estuary makes it necessary to drive all the way to San Jose (I know,  I know, it sounds like a song) before heading back north to the East Cape.

Current Construction Status

There have been many optimistic predictions for the opening of the Vidanta East Cape.  Currently the main building, is up and also a Visitor Center building is started.  We are not sure whether the first large building is Grand Luxxe,  Estates or a combination of both.  Scroll  down for the most recent pictures we can find. 

Vidanta east cape sattelite view




Vidanta East Cape Main building

So as you can see























So as you can see,  The huge saltwater pool and verdant resort are not imminent.   There is talk of opening the main building in 2023, but as of now, they are not taking reservations , so it seems unlikely.   We will keep searching for news, pictures and updates, so bookmark this page and check back.  We are excited for the day the Vidanta East Cape resort will be open.


vidanta sign Cabo East Cape













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