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Yaxche Restaurant - Playa del Carmen

It is a little bit pricey, but the Yaxche restaurant in Playa del Carmen is worth a few extra pesos.    Especially now that you can get 13 or  14 for a dollar instead of 10.5.    The good thing about staying at The Grand Luxxe Riviera Maya is that you can get off the resort and try the top places to eat in the area, because you are not chained to an all inclusive.    This is a restaurant that specializes in Mayan cuisine.  This is superficially similar to usual Mexican food, but with flavors and spices you have never before tasted.    Finding an orange slice, complete with rind in your tomato based sauce will seem weird.  But it is delicious.  So, get off the darn resort and try something that you cannot experience very many places in the world.  It is in a beautiful decor and features the ubiquitous friendly service style of Playa.  when we create a "top ten restaurants in Playa", Yaxche will definitely be on the list.

You can find the restaurant on Calle 8 just west (away from the beach) from 5th Avenue.

They even have a cool website at

Here is a sample of the dinner menu.

Dinner menu of the Yaxche Restaurant

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