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Acapulco Map: Updates to the Local Mayan Resorts

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There have been radical changes at the this Mayan Resort, so we thought we'd update you with an Acapulco map. The old Mayan Palace buildings were torn down and new ones built by the golf course. Here is a map of the new layout. The Mayan Palace has been photoshopped in, so the location is only an approximation.

Acapulco map

Acapulco Mayan Resort Map by Vidanta

Mayan Palace guests have access to the Grand Mayan pool and beach areas. The only area with an extra charge is the Beach Club which has a significant cover charge. The resort sits right on the gorgeous half moon Acapulco bay. If you are aware of changes or you see something you need added, please add a comment to this post. Sadly we have not been to the Acapulco resort.

If you want to stay at this resort for a week or more, just go to our Grand Mayan Acapulco or to our Mayan Palace Acapulco pages for rental info and a check availability form.