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We are MayanRental

MayanRental Owners: John & Linda

Welcome !! We are Nina and Allen Heneveld, Linda and John Jameson. We are Vidanta timeshare owners who care about the our all aspects of our rentals and our guests.

We Care About Our Guests

We love finding you perfect accommodations for an excellent vacation. We will answer your questions and match your needs with our suite and studio options. We will help you choose which resort location and luxury level that matches your needs. We give you the straight scoop, so there are no surprises.

We Care About Your Vacation in Mexico

We are always working on our Trip Planning Blog to provide you with information to plan your trip. We love travel in Mexico, so we are always exploring new places for you to try out. You can find on and off resort options to perfect your vacation experience. You can follow our blog on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, or Sign up to receive our blog/newsletter by email

We Care About the Needs of Mexico

As followers of Jesus Christ, we really believe this business is a gift of God. So we think we should give back to Mexico in some way. We have researched the need and have decided to give a percentage of our profits to an amazing organization called Pasitos de Luz (Little Steps of Light) that gives hope to developmentally disabled children and their families in Puerto Vallarta. They have a waiting list of 150 children due to lack of resources. Click to Find Out How YOU too can help Pasitos de Luz You can also give us a call if you want more info, since their website can be a little confusing

We Care About Our Owners

We are Vidanta Timeshare owners and we now serve Almost 100 other members by renting out their weeks and making sure they get at least a small return on their large investment.

We Care About Travelling and Experiencing the World

John and Linda are passionate about travel and have been to 36 countries on 5 of the 7 continents. Only South America and Antartica to go. We also share our travel experiences and photos on our Random Travel Blog

We Care About Food.

We report on restaurants we visit. You can find Restaurant reviews for Puerto Vallarta , Nuevo Vallarta , Bucerias, Riviera Maya and Los Cabos.

How It Works

Because we connect you directly with the members, who just want to recoup a small part of their cost, you can rent a week at any of the owner exclusive Vidanta Resorts for surprisingly low rates. We have a nearly unlimited supply of Mayan Palace, Grand Mayan, Grand Bliss and Grand Luxxe, Spa Tower, Loft and even the unbelievable 4 Bedroom Residence. The only trick is booking early enough, before the resort fills up. We have spent years developing a Simple booking process that includes online payments with all major credit cards and paypal. Just give Nina and Allen a call (616-855-4468) or fill out the form for us to check availability and we will be happy to let you know if the week you want is available quickly. (because we actually care)

Meet the Rest of our Team



We are incredibly fortunate to have Balakumar as part of the team. He is a website genius and more importantly a database genius. He is the reason we have the only real time availability and booking page for Vidanta Resorts on the web. He is the reason everything is user friendly. John will think of something would make the website work better. He asks Balakumar how hard it would be to make it work and "poof" it is done.



Last meet Iris. She is our translator and the newest member of our team. Since a good percentage of our guests are Mexican, we decided it was certainly time to have the important pages in our site translated into Spanish. Iris is a translator with several years experience and also has webdesign skills !! Perfect. Unlike Jerry, she is not a workaholic and was dreaming of a Vidanta Resort vacation while translating. Now all we have to do is learn to speak Spanish ourselves !!

We all work together year round to connect you with owners and their luxurious accommodations.