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Christmas in Nuevo Vallarta Part Three- Bus Trip to Old Town Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Bus Trip

As we mentioned we usually rent a car, so we haven't used the busses in mexico much. We wanted to spend a day in town, so we again headed down to the Sea Garden and asked about the bus. Turns out there are 2 or 3 busses to town and we had to ask a couple of people before we found out the most direct route. It cost us a whopping $3 for both of us. If you try this, you will need to go past the Walmart, past the cruise ships, past the Marina and wait until the street turns one way for a few blocks before getting off. We got off early through a small language mix up with the driver.

Live Jazz and Great Food at the River Cafe

Beware the Jewelry Store at the Entrance to the Restaurant 🙂

After walking a few blocks we opted to swallow our pride and spend an extra $5 for a cab ride into the main part of town. The Malecon is the walkway along the ocean it was full of Christmas activities. There were sand sculptures and this crazy guy balancing rocks that varied from softball to bowling ball size 6 to10 rocks high ! We could have sworn he was using mortar. Then there was the Mexican version of the flying Walendas that hung from 50 foot pole and swung around by their feet.

We wandered our way south to a place we found last time we were there. It is where the road in front of the ocean crosses the river into Old Town. Right on the bridge is a walkway down to an island in the river with shops and a very cool restaurant called the River Cafe...... . It is a beautiful open air cafe with trees growing in the middle of it. Last time we were here we didn't know the perils of Mexican two for one. We thought we ordered 4 drinks for for people. When the ladies came back from the restroom, my buddy and I were sitting there sheepishly with a table full of eight margaritas ! We said then , the only thing preventing it from being perfect was the lack of a live jazz band. Well this time they had a live jazz band!! Good food, warm hospitality and cool jazz. What great time.

Warning gentleman, there is a jewelry shop attached to the restaurant. A word to the wise is sufficient.

That's it for this trip report, but don't despair, we made another unscheduled trip to Puerto/Neuvo Vallarta in March and another trip report will be posted shortly. That trip we stayed in the Grand Bliss Nuevo Vallarta, which has advantages and disadvantages compared to the Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta.

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