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Whale Watching - Christmas in Nuevo Vallarta Part Two

Because we had meetings and we were only there for 6 days, we didn't rent a car this time. That gave us a chance to try some different things. I'll tell you about the best two. One in this post and one in the next.

Whale Watching

Hump Back Whale

HUmp Back Whale Up Close and Personal

We did the Vallarta adventures whale watching trip. We walked over to the nearby Vallarta Adventures Nuevo Vallarta location. You can click here to see our Whale Watching in Vallarta Photos. We stopped at a restuarant overlooking the marina and had a lovely late breakfast. When we got there we found out that we were in the swim with dolphins area and the whale watching went out of the dock on the opposite side of the marina. Fortunately, they have a pontoon boat for just such an occasiona and they cheerfully ferried us over. Vallarta Adventures is a bit of a tourist tour machine. but they really do proviide very nice, well organized excursions. The trip is 4 hours in a 20 person inflatable raft. They are fast and smooth. December is a bit on the cool side in the morning, especially at 20 miles an hour, so we had wisely chosen to do the afternoon trip. We don't always think this clearly.

The guide was a total ham and kept us entertained between pods of whales, but he really was very knowledgable and provided a monologue of humpback whale information that didn't sound like the tourist drivel that you are sometimes fed on, well... tourist trips. Because they are very concientious, you don't get close enough to the whales to look them in the eye, but you do get close enough to a WHOLE LOT of humpback whales to really make it worthwhile and get some excellent photos. Don't forget to check out our Whale Watching in Puerto Vallarta Photos If you need a basecamp for whalewatching, Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta is the ultimate choice.

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