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Day Trip From Riviera Maya–Mayan Ruins at Chichen Itza–part 2-Videos and More

by Denise Ackerly

Part 1 of visiting Chichen Itza can be found here including an in-depth article at


El Castillo at Chichen ItzaEl Castillo at Chichen Itza


As much as I agree that pictures are worth a thousand words, videos can make you really “feel” like you’re there.  What is truly amazing is that the folks at Google Maps used a tricycle mounted camera (instead of the regular street view van)  to compile a 360° photo tour around Chichen Itza. Take a look by clicking the link above to start at El Castillo, continue on to the Group of A Thousand Columns (Templo de los Guerreros), the Ball Court (Estadio del Juego de Pelota), the Temple of the Skulls (Tzompantil), the Cenote and many other places throughout the archeological site.


Temple of the Skulls (Tzompantil) Temple of the Skulls (Tzompantil)


Carvings on the walls of the Ball Court Carvings on the walls of the Ball Court


El Cenote Sagrado El Cenote Sagrado


Expand the small green map at the bottom right corner to get a split screen and double click to zoom in.  Then drag the little yellow man to any of the blue paths that will overlay on the map to go to that location.  Click and drag across the top "live" view to travel left or right in a full circle or click any spot to travel to that location on the path


When a person at the field in front of the stairs claps, the sound of a bird (coatl) echoes from the pyramid while the sound of a snake's rattle (quetzal) echoes from the area by the Temple of Warriors.

Because of the slight curve built into the 26-foot high walls of the court, a whisper from end can be heard clearly at the other end. The number seven was sacred to the Mayans, and it is repeated many times at the site. There were seven players on a team, the hoop "goals" were seven meters high and if you clap your hands or shout in the court, the sound will echo exactly seven times. The captain of the winning team was sacrificed and there are carvings on the stone walls that depict the seven serpents that grew out of his neck.

Have Fun!

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