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Fajita Republic Restaurant

Fajitas Republic Restaurant - Nuevo Vallarta

When we first heard about this restuarant , we thought it sounded like some commercial chain. Boy were we wrong. Known as one of the most popular restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta, Fajitas Republic is a creative and interesting place for lunch or dinner! The atmosphere is excellent, the food is delicious and the service is great! It is not walking distance from the Mayan Resort, and it isn't on our restaurants near the resort map,  so you will need a car or a taxi. See the map at the bottom of this post.  The trees of the outdoor eating area are lined with bright little lanterns that flow into the restaurant. The atmosphere indoors has been described by tripadvisor reviewers as having “a warm, wonderful, magical glow that is something like straight out of a movie.” The river flows behind the restaurant and so you will hear the frogs and crickets sing at night. The restaurant is actually open-air on three sides which accommodates for a comfortable breeze throughout the restaurant on a hot evening.
At Fajita Republic, there is always a waiter, attendant or bus boy to serve you. Start with the chips and homemade guacamole which comes served on a large wooden spoon. Their chips are delicious and come in a long paper cone laid across the table for everyone to reach for. Something to prepare for when you’re ordering: ask for extra rice and beans when ordering your fajitas. Rice and beans are served on the condiment tray, so there usually isn’t enough to go along with the fajitas.


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