When staying at the Grand Luxxe in Nuevo Vallarta,   You may want to schedule a day trip to the private beach of Las Caletas. Vallarta-Adventures.com  is the place to find the tour.  They leave from their marina location right in Nuevo Vallarta.   See our photos below for an idea of the day.    You start with a pleasant boat ride on a high speed caramaran to an isolated part of Banderas Bay.  Your day is then filled with private beach opportunities including snorkeling with your own guide to see some fabulous tropical fish.     I tried my hand at a , stand up paddle board and found myself wishing it was a bit of a calmer day.   At least I tried.  There are floating rafts to swim to and sunbathe on,  or you can just hang on the picture perfect beach to get your tan.    You have an opportunity to pose  with parrots and/or  monkeys for photos,

if you are traveling in mid winter,  you really should avail yourself of the wet suits your hosts so thoughtfully provide or you may find yourself heading to shore early.

There are so many activities available, it is hard to decide which ones to do.   We tried to do them all, but in this peaceful setting, you may prefer to simply enjoy the beach chairs and the idyllic view and work on your perfect tan.

Just as you are realizing how all this activity has made you hungry,  Vallarta Adventures also provides  a high quality feast on the beach,  .  Beverages of all varieties are included.

There are also yoga and lessons on making Paella, but we didn't have time to squeeze those in.  at cost of just over $100 U.S. for the whole day, this is really a pretty great deal.

[SlideDeck2 id=2457]

On the boat ride back the staff double as entertainers and do a dance and lip sync routine to Bob Sieger music.  Perfect end to the day !!

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