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We have been promising new pictures for a couple of years. Linda finally took one for the team and spent a week with our friend Mary at the resort taking lots of photos. These now replace the obviously touched up commercial ones we used to have here.

The Puerto Vallarta Mayan resort. is a small boutique resort located in the Marina district. This is a a perfect location for exploring Puerto Vallarta or for a casual stroll to view the yachts and have a bite at one of many restaurants. The tall towers in the pictures with yellow trim are the newer buildings closer to the ocean. You can view the model of the new Mayan Bliss units on the top floor o fone of the towers. The older building near the road has renovated units which have the one advantage of nice balconies to sit on, similar to Grand Mayan units elsewhere, minus the cooling pool.

This resort is does not have the huge water park areas like Nuevo Vallarta or Riviera Maya, but we have renters that go back every year for two to four weeks because of the intimate, warm atmosphere and the convenient location. They feel that they are more in touch with real Mexico. Take a short taxi ride and walk the Malecon, eat the Le Kliff overlooking the bay or ride the Los Veranos zip line. Becuase it is smaller, it does fill up faster, so contact us as early as you can.

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  • […] However, I have had difficulty getting a Trip report from them, so this is the only post at the moment. They did get lots of photos, so you can see our photo collection while you wait for the “rest of the story”. Hopefully very soon !! Click here for Puerto Vallarta Photos […]

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