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If you have read our About Us page, we unabashedly claim that “ We Care” .  Last fall Allen and Nina, co-owners of MayanRental got

allen and nina

Allen and Nina

an opportunity to put our money where are mouth is.   After, they flew to Phoenix so they could drive south for a week at the Grand Mayan in Vidanta Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) they had a call from Sonja,  a  guest that had rented a Grand Mayan suite for the same week.   She was a single lady that was not super excited about driving the 4 hours by herself.   After checking into a limousine service,  Allen and Nina said , “Hey,  would like to ride with us?” .  So our guest rode down with us.

Amazingly, none of us have been to Penasco before.  Allen and Nina have confirmed that our Driving Directons to Vidanta Puerto Penasco  are accurate and helpful.     Not surprising , since they came directly from Jackie,  one of our Vidanta owners that lives in Phoenix and makes the drive frequently.

If you are wondering how the drive down is,  it is a pretty drive in a desert southwest desert kinda way.  After 4 hours you may have seen enough cacti for a while.  Surprisingly, the border crossing is non-stressful  non-event and you only have 1 ½  hours left to the resort. 

Desert beauty

With Allen being a golfer, the links style top rated golf course was calling, so Nina and Sophia hung out at the pool and one day they drove the half hour into Puerto Penasco for shopping and lunch.

After experiencing the multi-faceted Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta,  it took Allen and Nina a while to adapt to the  Vidanta Puerto Penasco, which is a remarkably quiet relaxing place.   So it was a mellow trio that climbed back into the rental car to return back to Phoenix.  The drive back was equally mellow,  with just enough traffic to make you feel like you were not alone in the desert.

Sonja was another relaxed and happy guest of MayanRental.  However, we will not routinely be in Phoenix to provide such a service in the future. 


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