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Nuevo Vallarta Trip March 2015 - Introduction

We are seasoned travelers.  Or are we ???   This is the intro to our two week trip to Nuevo Vallarta.  On day one our flight was delayed to Dallas,  our bags didn't make the switch and we landed  in Puerto Vallarta late Monday night.   Breezed past the timeshare sharks at the airport with a dismissive wave and jumped immediately into our hotel free transportation.


Of course, being seasoned travelers we mixed some essential clothes into our carryons.  Right?   Well.... no.  We have never had a baggage problem and we got cavalier.   Also we brought a lot of gifts with us for our Mexican friends and that filled a lot of the carry on space.  So here we sit on Tuesday  with only the clothes on our back hoping the bags make it today sometime.   Tropical resort ,  85 degress, in jeans.    Perfect.

Day Two

Still sitting on our balcony next morning, looking out over Banderas Bay sipping our coffee from the concierge, it doesn't seem that bad.  We have an appointment to meet friends at 3 PM and our clothes (and toothbrushes) showed up at 2:40.   Whew !!  All is right with the world now.

Our friends in the  new almost unbelievable Grand Luxxe 4 Bedroom /  4 1/2 bath  Residence.  They are huge, luxurious and bull of all the amentities.  The elevator opens right into their suite. On the top of that, the  new building is an incredible pool / spa tub area complete with bar and restaurant and fantastic view of Puerto Vallarta and the bay.

Settling In

Good news everyone !  The meal tickets are back.   you get 6 breakfasts and 6 dinners for one sort of reasonable price.  More on that  in our "How to save money on vacation"  post coming in a couple of weeks.

Tonight we used our first meal ticket at the dubiously named "Burgers Custom Made" which in fact is one of the best restuarants on site.  Mexicans have an interesting concept of dessert,   If nothing else it was interesting.   We decided to end day two sipping tequila on our balcony watching lights float across the bay marking the bow and stern of a variety of boats.  Orion and the Pleiades are prominent, reminding us of God's presence.  Like  Job said:   He made all the stars—the Bear and Orion, the Pleiades and the constellations of the southern sky.

nuevo Vallarta grand luxxe

The View from our Balcony



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