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word doc sidebarGiving Back to Mexico

As we said in our About Us page, we believe we have a strong responsibility to give back to Mexico.  We began our research looking for an organization that was doing God's work in the P:uerto Vallarta area that was underfunded.  Our hope is that many of fellow owners and our guests will feel the same way and want to contribute.

Pasitos de Luz

We found this organization that does an amazing job trying to meet the needs of developmentally disabled children.  They run on a largely volunteer basis and provide amazing services to dozens of struggling children.   Every month they have to choose what expenses to cover. THEY NEED HELP.

The founder of Pasitos de Luz

They are providing :

  • Physical therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Family education
  • Hygiene
  • Language therapy
  • and.... LOVE !!

They are providing this to a number of kids on a shoestring budget with volunteers and minimalist facilities. The problem is that they have 150 kids on the waiting list. BUT they have big dreams. They have initial funding to start a new facility in Nuevo Vallarta, but we are also interested in helping them meet their monthly budget now !