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Vidanta Riviera Maya Restaurants

The Vidanta Riviera Maya Resort in the Riviera Maya sits on the beautiful Caribbean. There are more than 8 restaurants and that doesn't even count the bars. People often ask about the cost and the quality of the food. The quality is exceptional and the cost is reasonable. But we will let you see for yourself. We have prepared a collection of menus from the main restaurants and posted them here for you to review. If these aren't enough, there is an endless variety in nearby Playa del Carmen. Because they don't do all inclusive, the quality of the food is much higher. No hassle with money or credit cards though, just charge it to your room.

There are a variety of cuisines represented, including Asian, French and Mexican. The restaurants include the following(link takes you to the menu for that restaurant):

If you are ready to see the resort info instead, just follow one of the following links:

For our Mexican friends, you can see the different resort types at Vidanta Riviera Maya Grand Mayan in Spanish, and Riviera Maya Grand Luxxe in Spanish and Riviera Maya Mayan Palace in Spanish


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