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Salvatore's Restaurant - Cabo San Lucas

We first discovered Salvatores’s a few years ago and were happy to find it still thriving. It is tucked into a garden Salvatore's Restaurantarea between two buildings and evokes images of Italian back street bistros. We knew Salvatore’s restaurant was on Emeliano Zapato , but we did not realize there is basically no places to park in that area of Cabo.  (And DO NOT  park where the curbs aren’t painted white)  We finally found the parking ramp  on ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Francisco Madero , one street behind Emeliano Zapato which is reasonably priced at 20 pesos an hour or so, once you shoe horn your vehicle into a space

But this isn't about parking !   The menu is straightforward Italian as well with the possible exception of the Shrimp and sausage diablo.  Warning: if you are one of those odd people with a strange dislike of thyme (like me),  it is a featured herb in that dish.  The baked ricotta and other dishes were all pretty good.   Go for the $32.00 bottle Malbec if you like red wine.   It was the cheapest and a very nice wine with complex flavors.  The staff are warm, friendly and not  overly formal making it a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience.  Oh man, I almost forgot !  We were too full for dessert, something told us we should try the chocolate mousse.  We shared it among all 6 of us and it was spectacular.  I have only had a few chocolate mousse in my life that I labeled fabulous and this was one of them   the only thing it lacked was a little liquor , like rum or kahlua. It as inspired me to renew my quest for a truly good mousse recipe for home
Salvatore Romance

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