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Restaurante Salvatore

We first heard about Salvatore's restaurant from one of our long time owners, Kandarp Oza. He said he found a restaurant that made him think he was in Italy. Except that he was in Los Cabos ! It is a little bit challenging to find. It is on Emeliano Zapata right down the street from Cabo Wabo cantina. It is set in a garden tucked between two rustic buildings. The menu has all the classic italian menu items and a nice wine selection. You are in Cabo , so, not surprisingly, it is difficult to get out for less than $100 for two people. But you will be so relaxed , full, and happy, you won't mind forking over your credit card.

We recommend this restaurant without reservation.  It will be one of your best Cabo experiences.   If you want to save some money on the accommodation, check out our <a href="">Grand Mayan Los Cabos rentals</a>

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