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Snorkel Tour at the Mayan Resort - Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya Mayan Resort

Riviera Maya Mayan Resort

We decided to take the  Riviera Maya Mayan Resort snorkel trip, simply because it was so convenient. We walked down to the beach and hopped into a snorkel boat.  We could even charge the snorkel trip to our room. A short boat ride to the south (past the clothing optional boat tour, fortunately too far away tosnorkeling in Mexico Blue Tang be tempting) and we were doing some pretty darn good snorkeling.  We snorkeled from patch reef to patch reef,  but there was a nice mixture of beautiful caribbean fish.  Trigger fish, parrot fish, damsel fish and the ever present seargent majors.  Well worth a couple hours out of your day. Since it is right on the resort, it is better to wait until you know you have a sunny day. Snorkeling on a cloudy day takes a good deal of the color out.

Addendum: In 2012 we did a tour out of Puerto Morelos. It was perhaps a bit better than the resort snorkel trip, a bit cheaper , but not as convenient. choosing between the tow is Kind of six of one, half a dozen of the other.

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