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Spanish Coffee Video - Por Que No - Nuevo Vallarta

In 2013 we visited Por Que No?  Eddie’s new restaurant along the south side of the marina in Nuevo Vallarta.   The food was good,  the service was excellent and the setting along the water with yachts in view was perfect.   However, the thing that stayed with us was when we ordered Spanish Coffee.  This is a great after dinner drink with Coffee and 2 or 3 liquors in it that is often flamed at the table.   We were not prepared for the outstanding , over the top show put on the waiter as he prepared our drink at tableside.   After the usual prep of heating the metal containers and getting things going, he proceeded to stack the stemware upside down and three high.   It was so high he had to climb on a chair to pour the flaming liquid down from on high.   It flowed over the top glass onto the next layer of 3 glasses and then into the bottom layer of cups.    After, he topped  everything with whip cream  the show was over the imbibing began.

We were so impressed we vowed to come back in 2014 with a video camera.   In February 2014, we were true to our vow and returned.  We had too many new restaurants to try out, so we didn’t eat there, but we showed up at dusk to order our coffee and initiate the show.   Our video speaks for itself !  Don’t try this at home folks unless you have a steady hand and a fire extinguisher at the ready.   The music for the video was actually an add on.  It was recorded live just up the road from Nuevo Vallarta, but that is a different story and a different video.

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