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Based on a vision of a theme park showcasing Mexican culture while employing technological advances and creative imagination, VidantaWorld has been in the works for several years.  Originally a Cirque du Soleil park, it has gradually moved away from that vision, but a Cirque du Soleil performance venue is still part of the plan. Much has been completed since we reviewed progress in 2022.  In the overview picture above, the castle like buildings in the back are the kingdom of the sun suites that should soon be open.    So, let’s explore what is actually open as of March 2024.  If you are more of a video person, we have created a Youtube Video of VidantaWorld Update 2024

Getting to the Park

Right now, the only access to the park is via the SkyDream Gondola system that runs from the beach toskydream gondola the park.  It has stops near the Santuario, Building 5, and the Park. These are on the resort side of the highway where all the completed features are located.  There is another stop across the highway where nothing has taken shape.

Only a few members have contracts that include free access to the gondola.  For everyone else, the current arrangement is that you pay $50 per person for an evening of access to the gondola and the park.  The good news is that you can use the $50 for meals/drinks in one of 4 high quality restaurants, or at any of the bakery/ice cream/churro stands. It is a new system, so make sure your park spending gets taken off your room bill.

There are also gift boutiques and arcade games, should you want a souvenir or try your luck at winning a stuffed gecko! Throughout the evening, there is a myriad of entertainment: mariachis, dancers, fire twirlers and other performances that display incredibly colorful costumes highlighting the mysterious world of insects found in nature. Of course, Vidanta Nuevo is known for its light shows on water. The grand finale is at 10 pm at the entrance of the park known as the Crater. Water spouts and fountains, fire displays, and, of course, lights make this a must see. The park is currently opened Tuesday through Thursday, 5 to 10 pm. Tickets must be purchased ahead of time at the La Plaza. There is a ticket stand on the 2nd floor, next to the boutique. Ticket stand hours are 11 am to 7 pm.

SkyWheel: Soaring to New Heights:

skywheelRising above everything in the park, except the
gondola,  the SkyWheel standsskywheel at night as a beacon of progress as well as offering a little ride excitement. Fantastic views abound in every direction as you overlook the Ameca river valley.  You can see it at night from the main highway as a promise of a theme park to come !





Flower Drop: A Shower of Petals and Dreams:

flower dropAs the sun sets over VidantaWorld Theme Park, a “Flower Tower” lights upflower drop at night the sky. The Flower Drop pulls riders up to the top of a tower and then drops them like a parachute. The tower itself is eye-catching because of the mesmerizing display of colors and light.

The First Roller Coaster:

While it is not yet completed, the yellow snake-like shape of a roller coaster is unmistakable. It seems it will be part of Phase One.roller coaster

Cirque du Soleil Big Top Theater:cirque=du-soleil-vidanta

Likewise, the Cirque du Soleil theater is a permanent, unmistakable version of a fantasy Big Top. It is exciting to think of the music, acrobatics and storytelling to come.  We really hope that it will include a dinner theater of the same amazing quality as the one in Riviera Maya.  There is talk of it being open by next year.  However, we will not engage in any predictions of the timeline.  All previous predictions have been…flexible.  We can only be certain of what we can see right now.

Embracing Innovation and Sustainability:

VidantaWorld Theme Park has expressed a commitment to fostering innovation while preserving the natural beauty of its surroundings. From eco-friendly infrastructure to sustainable practices that minimize waste and energy consumption, the park will follow contemporary standards for sustainable tourism.

While phase one is small start compared with the entire plan, the progress along with the exterior structure of the Cirque du Soleil is a reason to be optimistic that additional phases of the park will coming in the foreseeable future.  So this is our summary of the progress of VidantaWorld in March of 2024.  Stay tuned for future updates.  In the meantime, we have many units reserved for your rental in the luxury of the Vidanta Resort from Grand Mayan to Luxxe, Loft, 3-bedroom Spa Tower and 4-bedroom Residence.  We are also now renting the Extreme Luxury Estates units available in 2, 3 or 4 bedroom versions in an exclusive location across the river.    Not sure which unit is best for you?  We have a page that Explains All The Options and the Differences.   check availability



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