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Blue Shrimp Restaurant-Puerto Vallarta

While staying at the Mayan Palace in the marina area of Puerto Vallarta we tried this restaurant. If you don't like shrimp, this is definitely not your place.  they specialize in ..... shrimp !!  you can get 3 different sizes of shrimp prepared in a variety of creative ways.   The largest version is ,  you guessed it,  the blue shrimp.  The blue shrimp is only available in season.  I should also note that as the size increases, you get fewer number of shrimp and a higher price.  We settled on the "medium" sized shrimp  as the most cost effective.  They were huge and delicious.

Since we were there the restaurant has moved from town to the edge of Los Muertos beach on in Old Town. A beautiful setting. get there at sunset.

Blue Shrimp Menu

Popcorn Shrimp
Romana Calamari
Stuffed Clams au Gratin
Fresh Mussels Provencale 6pz (live)
Seafood Crepe au Gratin
Shrimp Bisquet

Get Your Shrimp By The Kilo

Medium ¼ Kg --- ½ Kg --- 1 Kg
Jumbo ¼ Kg --- ½ Kg --- 1 Kg

Chef's Creations
Sweet & Sour Shrimp
(Pineapple juice, sesame & seed aoli)
Portuguese Shrimp
(Wraped with bacon & cheese)
Cantonese Shrimp
(Soy& Oyster souce, ginger)
Cajun Shrimp
(Cajun spices)
Scampi Style Baked Shrimp
(Butter, paprika, garlic)
Coconut Shrimp
(Buttered with coconut)
Arriero Shrimp
(Garlic, butter, guajillo & dried chilli & baby potatoes)

Lobster, Tomato, Basil
Salmon, Caper, Kalamata, Olives, Sun dried Tomatoes
Shrimp, Tomato, Basil

Lobster Salad
Stuffed Tomato with Chicken Curry
Different Salads

From the Grill
Rib Eye Steak
Filet Mignon with Portobello Mushrooms
BBQ Ribs
Fajitas: Shrimp, Chicken, Rib Eye ó Combo

Linguini "Fruti di Mari" with Saffron
Penne Alfredo with Smoked Salmon
Shrimp Fetuccini
Vegetarian Lasagna
Chef's Chicken Parmesan

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