Renting a car in Mexico can be just a bit confusing.  We have found a simple and pretty much hassle free option.  You go to, the US not the .mx version.   NOTE: we have NO affiliation with Alamo, we just like them because they don’t do any bait and switch.

  1. You put in the airport you are going to (SJD for cabo,  PVR for Puerto Vallarta,  CUN for cancun).
  2. Select your car.
  3. If you have a credit card that provides car rental insurance (most upper level visa cards and Amex), you only need to add the liability insurance for $15 per day.  Add other things you think you need and complete the booking.   Print out the paper with the receipt and cheapest car rental in Mexicotake it with you.
  4. See the Alamo booth when you arrive to request a shuttle to the Alamo office
  5. Tell them you are refusing the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) because it is covered by your credit card. They will put a large credit authorization (like $1000) on your card but won’t charge it.   This could cause you a problem if you have a debit card, because it could limit your cash withdrawals.

    If you have an accident, you will have to pay for damages and get reimbursed.  If that makes you nervous take the full insurance for something like $40 per day

  6. Like all car rentals they offer to let you bring it back empty. Don’t do it.  You will only break even if you manage to bring it back on fumes.  Otherwise, you paid for gas you didn’t use.  Just tell them you will bring it back full and don’t forget to do so.   The gas stations in Mexico now take credit cards.   Don’t forget to tip the nice young lady who pumps your gas 10 or 20 pesos.


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