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Mexican Vacation Tips

Tips and tricks for traveling in Mexico

How to Find Cheap Flights to Mexico

Booking Websites and Timing Of course, in your quest to find cheap flights to Mexico, one of the easiest ways to find flights that work with your schedule and your budget is to use a travel aggregator sitelike KAYAK, Travelocity, Skyscanner and more...

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Canadian Flag

Welcome Back Canadians to Mexico !

Our Canadian friends have been locked in their country  by the pandemic for months and months.    That has all come to an end !   As of now,  Canadians  who have had the vaccine are free travel to Mexico.   ...

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grand mayan puerto penasco

Puerto Penasco / Rocky Point Open To Tourists

It has been another of the many sad things about COVID.  The border to Mexico was closed to drivers from Arizona and nearby states.   This meant that  Vidanta Puerto Penasco was inaccessible to vacationers from the United States.   Great News...

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view from gringo gulch

Summer Activities in Vallarta

Wonderful flawless sea shores, enchanting seaside towns, and fabulous summer activities are yours when you visit Vallarta in the Summer.  No matter if you are a nature lover, an adventure seeker, a family group or a city sophisticate, continue perusing...

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Light for a Dark Situation- Pasitos de Luz

A Match Made in Heaven For almost 20 years,  MayanRental has made it possible for couples and families to enjoy a luxury vacation by renting  out timeshare weeks that their owners can’t use at Vidanta resorts.  Very early on, John...

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cell phone mexico

Using Your Cell Phone In Mexico

In the 21st century,   we are more and more dependent on our phones.  So,  it is natural to ask how cell phones work in Mexico.   We have researched the main options and will present them from the easiest and most...

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Our Seven Most Popular Pages and Posts

  Probably the most visited page on our website after the home page is our “What’s the difference" page.    With so many different unit types to choose from ,   we simply explain each luxury level and go through the pros,...

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overloaded wallet

Sixteen Things That Will Decrease Vacation Stress

What?  I thought the point of vacation was to decrease stress.   Well yes, but let's be honest , it can bring a new set of stresses, especially before you successfully ensconced in a lounge chair by a pool.   Here are...

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Most Cost Effective Rentals at Vidanta

The Best Deals at Vidanta Resorts.  We are committed to help you get a relaxing luxury vacation in Mexico.  There are literally a dozen or more options for accommodations at the Vidanta resorts.  But which ones are the best bang...

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Riviera Maya vs Puerto Vallarta

Planning your Mexico Vacation - Riviera Maya or Puerto Vallarta?   You probably can guess my answer is going to be... it depends.  There are lots of great places to go in Mexico, but today we will give you pros...

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Five Reasons to NEVER Do An All Inclusive

This is a redo of one of our most popular blog posts ever.  Remember, we are joking..... mostly      Reason #1 Obesity The 24/7 buffets sound fabulous,  but when you get back on that plane at the end of...

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view from gringo gulch

Walking tours in Puerto Vallarta

Meet the locals with Sandra Cesca If you look for a genuine holiday experience, Sandra Cesca arranges walking tours in the local neighborhoods of Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta has much more to offer than relaxing in a hammock weighing in the...

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Overlooked Things To Pack For Mexico

So, you're finally able to take that trip to Mexico you've been planning for the last few years?  You've already squared away your time away with the old 9-5, planned a two page itinerary of activities, and grabbed a good...

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Top 9 Pitfalls of Timeshare Rental Vacations

How To Avoid Timeshare Rental Pitfalls Renting a timeshare is a great way to get a fabulous suite for a great price.   However there are scams out there that you need to avoid.    In this post we will tell...

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Vidanta App

Vidanta App- Happiness At Your Fingertips

Happiness at your fingertips is the tagline for the new Vidanta mobile app for Apple and Android.  Ok, so  our friends at Vidanta resorts tend to exaggerate a bit.  However,  the Vidanta app definitely can help make your vacation smoother...

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Best Destinations to Dive in Mexico

Mexico attracts divers from across the globe annually. Thanks to its incredible geographical location there are a wealth of different dive spots on the Pacific coast as well as the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. It’s size, also means that...

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Riviera Maya Vacation Ruins

Authentic Maya Heritage: The Essential Guide

Maya heritage is both equally diverse and interesting. The Maya were a civilization that spent several centuries calling Mesoamerica home. They built incredible structures and had many interesting beliefs and rituals. Here are just a few of the most interesting...

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Discovering Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan was a religious city center located in the Mexican Highlands which saw mass construction and development from AD1 – 200. In the two preceding centuries, very little was known about this place yet during the mass growth phase in...

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el castillo chichen itza

A Dozen Mexico Photo Galleries

We have been exploring the Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Maya areas for years and FINALLY got our photo galleries uploaded!!   We have 8 galleries in Riviera Maya area and 4 galleries in the Puerto Vallarta area with San Sebastian thrown...

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How to Sleep on a Plane

If you love to travel,  sooner or later you going to need know how to sleep on a plane.  Some people advocate sleeping pills,  benadryl type antihistamines or alcohol.   All of those can backfire in a number of ways.  They...

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Misconceptions about Mexico Safe Mexican Marketplace

Top 4 Misconceptions about Mexico

"México is..." We want to clear up some misconceptions about México that travelers often have...  Let's start with the top four. México is one of those places that simply captivates you from the moment you step out of the airport...

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Medicines to Take to Mexico (Or Not)

How would I know what medicines to take to Mexico (or not).?  Well it turns out that, when I am not travelling to Mexico,  my day job is as  professor of pharmacy and I have been a practicing clinical pharmacy...

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Don't Drink the Water? Safety in Mexico

Drinking and Water Safety in Mexico It is an age old question for those traveling to Mexico or any country that does not have 100% reliable water supply.  This is because of the notorious Montezumas revenge.  So can you drink...

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embarrassed at the spa

Massage Etiquette: Naked with a Stranger?

How To Arrive With Confidence In Your Spa Etiquette Since many of our bookings at Vidanta Grand Luxxe , Spa Tower and Loft come with free or discounted massages, I have had to learn a few things about massage etiquette. ...

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Spanish Phrases for shopping in Mexican Boutiques

Learning Spanish Phrases: Going Out Shopping…

Hola! ¿Cómo están mis amigos? This time around for our Learning Spanish phrases series, I wanted to tackle something that you’ll definitely need if want to make the most of your vacation south of the border. That, being some useful...

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Rachel and Linda Hurricane Los Cabos Mexico

What Hurricane Season in Mexico Can Mean For Your Vacation

Hurricane Season in Mexico Was Mild So Far This Year. As people across three states within the US and several islands in the Atlantic work to regain some sense of balance and normalcy in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, many of...

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Cooking Authentic Mexican Food

Learning Spanish Phrases: Dining Out and About

Hola! ¿Como Estan? Seré tu camarero esta noche… If that phrase had you reaching for your Spanish to English Dictionary or ready to recite your long studied phrase of “No Hablo Español”, don’t worry. Learning Spanish for your big night...

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tulum beach with no Mexico crime

Is Mexico Still Safe for Vacation?  (Mexico Crime 2017)

Is Mexico Crime making it unsafe for tourism in 2017?  The short answer is no.   Recently the State Department in the U.S.has issued some warnings about Mexico.   We will address them below. Riviera Maya There have been a couple of...

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cell phone in mexico

Using Your US Cellular Phone in Mexico

This post has been updated.  See our 2021 version of Using Your Cell Phone In Mexico.  Without a doubt, sing your US cellular phone in Mexico while you venturing outside of the US is important.  You will expGerience a unique...

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video of kids vacation in mexico

Mexico Vacation with Kids at the Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta Resort

John and Linda took 4 of their grand kids as well as son, daughter and spouses to Nuevo vallarta.  The Vidanta resort has great resources for vacationing with kids.  In addition to the stuff discussed by the kids in the...

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You Can Save Money On Resort Food - Insider Tip

The Secret:  Room Service The Vidanta resorts in Nuevo Vallarta and in Riviera maya have over 20 restaurants with various cost levels.  However, something you might not realize is that the most cost effective food can be gotten from room...

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Money Tips in Mexico - Don't Throw Your Money Away

Here are some great Money Tips for your Mexico Vacation so you don't throw your money away.   What is the best way to handle money when you vacation in Mexico?  The key is to avoid the many ways you...

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ingredients for the perfect margarita recipess

Three Perfect Margarita Recipes - Happiness in a Glass

We are upgrading our perfect margarita recipes post from 2010.   "Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you tequila which is pretty much the same thing." Mexican Vacation and Margarita are almost synonyms. We will give you...

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cheap airfare tickets to mexico

Seven Mistakes To Avoid When Flying to Mexico

   #1 Thinking Price Is The Only Issue We always try to find the cheapest way to travel possible.  BUT more than one stop will likely have you arriving considerably worse for wear.    And always look at the total travel...

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Recipe for the Best Chilaquiles Ever !

Here is a recipe for one of our favorite basic dishes in Mexico :  Chilaquiles. We tend to prefer the verde (green) version, but both red and green are great.    It is still 4 months until we get to back...

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one hundred peso bill

Seven Tips for Saving Money While on Vacation in Mexico

We have given you tips on saving money on airfare and car rental but by the time you book airfare, lodging and maybe an activity or two,  you are probably ready to find some ways to save some money on your Mexican...

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What is the Zika Risk in Mexico?

If you've done  research on visiting Mexico recently, then you're sure to have seen several references to the Zika virus. The virus, spread by mosquitoes, has been reported in Mexico by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in...

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Cheap Car Rental in Mexico

Renting a car in Mexico can be just a bit confusing.  We have found a simple and pretty much hassle free option.  You go to, the US not the .mx version.   NOTE: we have NO affiliation with Alamo, we...

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Duty Free Shopping Tips

Gifts and Duty Free Shopping I went on a trip to Mexico in 2013 and visited a myriad of places. However, I will never forget Cozumel because that’s where I found the heart shaped sea shell I had been searching...

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Tips for Tourists Driving in Mexico

  We like our freedom on vacation, so we almost always rent a car in Mexico. Driving in Mexico is not that difficult. I would say it is similar to most city driving in the U.S. Drivers are assertive, but...

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travel insurance

Travel Insurance For Mexican Vacations

Travel Insurance - Is It Really A Necessity? A variety of unplanned events can put even an experienced  traveler at risk of losing a lot. This could be anything from having to cancel your non refundable trip at the last...

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red mole

Less Well Known Moles

Maybe you have tried Mole in Enchiladas or other dishes that use the kind of mole almost everyone knows about, which is Mole Negro or Mole Poblano, but actually, there are many other kinds of Mole, that are really worth...

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mole negro image

Mole Negro - Our Favorite

Without a doubt, “Mole” is one of the most representative specialties of Mexican Food. If you have not tried it, you have missed a huge part of Mexican cuisine. For those of you who don’t know about it, let me...

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various moles

The Legend of Mole

One of my favorite things abut vacationing in Mexico are dishes made with mole (pronounced Moh-lay). This is the first of three articles about Mole. If it gets you in the mood to go, you can find instant booking on...

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Grand Mayan Spa

Riviera Maya 2012 - What Is A Couples Massage?

If you have had a couple days in Mexico to unwind your uptight American or Canadian self, you might be able to relax enough to enjoy a massage and the preparation I am about to describe. We signed up for...

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Must-have travel first aid

I've been under the weather this week and it reminds me of what medicines are important to bring on vacation.  When staying in Mexico, you probably will be able to find most of the same products as home.  But, by...

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Rent or Bring Golf Clubs to Mexico

First off, I need to say I'm not a golfer.  But having spoken to golfers, I've been told that they choose their clubs specifically for their strengths, gender, and even height.  It's definitely NOT a one size fits all here....

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