Five Reasons to NEVER Do An All Inclusive

This is a redo of one of our most popular blog posts ever.  Remember, we are joking..... mostly   


Reason #1 Obesity

obesityThe 24/7 buffets sound fabulous,  but when you get back on that plane at the end of the week and you can’t fit into the seat, it might not seem so fabulous.   There is nothing wrong with having a couple of fabulous feasts and one spectacular breakfast buffet, but 3 or 4 meals a day for a week will certainly take its toll.


Reason #2 Poverty



With all inclusives you really only have two choices.

1.  Mediocre food and watered down drinks

2,  Excellent food, brand name cocktails and a  per person bill that will have you declaring bankruptcy faster than Detroit in the last recession.


Reason #3 Claustrophobia

claustrophobiaWith an all inclusive package it is like wearing one of those ankle devices they put on felons on parole.  If you get very far from the resort,  it seems like a little alarm in your head goes off.  You have to get back for the next big overindulgent feast.  You are tied to the resort and soon begin to feel like prisoner in  a tiny cell.

To make the claustrophobia worse,  the rooms at an all inclusive are almost always tiny little hotel rooms.  When you rent from MayanRental, you have the option of a full suite with balcony for no more money.  



Reason #4 Cultural Incompetence

mexico cultureThis is by far the biggest problem.   If you go to another country and never get off the reservation, you might as well be vacationing in Oklahoma (apologies to all you Sooners).  You will not experience the beautiful people, the rich culture, the great value of travel.  “The world is a book and those who don’t travel only read one page.”  With an all inclusive, you can only bend the page corner and peek at page two.



Reason #5 Liver Damage

pickleFor many of us alcohol and vacation go together like chocolate and peanut butter.   However,  a week in an all inclusive will have your liver looking like a dill pickle.   Green and wrinkled.  I guess the good thing is that will seldom be sober enough to realize everything you are missing from a real vacation.



Ok, Ok.  So we might have exaggerated a little.  It was all in fun, but I do hope you caught our point.

The Smart Approach: Instead of paying the big all-inclusive fees, rent from MayanRental and have the benefit of top notch food options and the additional option to go off the resort unlimited variety of food and activities.   

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