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Getting ready for vacation is always a bit stressful.  In an effort to make it less stressful, we have created a packing list specifically for a Resort Vacation In Mexico. Beware, there is some sarcastic humor mixed in.  Sorry,  but a straight list was too boring. 








You do NOT want to get to the airport and realize your passports are at home that is an hour round trip away.

Okay, now that’s settled, here is a table of items with smart alec comments and / or explanations


Clothing “Helpful Comments and Bad Humor” Electronics / Entertainment “Helpful Comments  and Bad Humor”
2 swimsuits One dries while you use the other. Phone / phone charger  
Beachwear   Bluetooth speaker  
Sandals Or flipflops if you don’t mind plantar fasciitis Kindle  and / or books NOT work related
Shorts and tops /shirts   Camera For both of us that still use it.  And I will sell mine as soon as I can get a galaxy s22 ultra
One pair nice pants or a nice skirt You can wear more than once Extra camera battery and SD card  
Two nice tops/shirts for nicer dinners out More if you are dining fancy every night SD card for camera In case you missed it before. 
One pair long pants and sweatshirt / sweater or jacket It can get cool and breezy in the evening Accoutrements Whatever that means
Resort wear shoes and socks   Toiletries I won’t even try to help with that
Underwear   Medications See our blog post on which medications to take to mexico
Above the Neck   Hair Dryer `NO.   Any decent resort has them
Tropical hat Get protected from the sun and look cool Curling Iron/ flattening iron Can’t you just be happy with what God gave you?   Just kidding.
Reading glasses   Credit cards Make sure you don’t have a foreign transaction fee
Work out clothes / running shoes/ fitness watch At least pretend you’ll exercise ATM card The best way to get pesos.  Bank ATM only.  Check our blog post on money in Mexico for details
Work Laptop Or be brave and leave it home Super glue Mostly to treat minor cuts
Frisbee / pickle ball paddles/balls Or other sports items Goggles For laps or ocean swimming
    Drivers License If you plan to rent a car


Click for Free DownLoadable Packing List for Resort Vacation in Mexico

All you vacaton / Mexico experts, please add your comments and suggestions.  So there you have it,  a  packing list for your resort vacation in Mexico.  If you haven’t booked your

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