The MayanRental Ritual©

Do you find it takes 3 days of your 7 day vacation to unwind and unstress?  Here is our time testedMayanRental Ritual process to unwind on day one.   You may want to also read our post on things to do BEFORE vacation to make it easier to unwind ON vacation

Once you arrive at the resort, it is critically important to initiate the MayanRental ritucal as soon as possible after arrival.   If you arrive late,  try for around 11 AM the next day.


  1. Lay in the shade or in the sun according to your preference. You can read a book, listen to music or just close your eyes and tell yourself there is no email important enough to interrupt your peace 
  2. You did leave your cell phone in the room or at least silence it,  right?
  3. Deep breath in from your belly for a count of 3, hold
  4. for a count of 5 and exhale slowly for a count of 7.  Repeat two or three times and later as needed.
  5. When you get uncomfortably warm. Swim across the pool and back.  Get out and drip dry.
  6. Repeat Steps #1 to #3
  7. Rinse / Repeat
  8. Insert a piña colada or margarita at any point in the process as needed .


Alternative MayanRental Ritual©

As we mentioned in a previous post, our Luxxe, Spa Tower and Loft guests in Nuevo Vallarta can reserve an hour in the wet area of the Luxxe Spa.  We suggest you phone and to this prior to arrival so you can start your vacation with this fantastic process.  Here is the approach we suggest, but feel free to modify per your preferences.   

  1. Start in the jacuzzi to start your unwind. If you cell phone is not waterproof, take it in with you  (just kidding….. sortof)
  2. Next spend  10 -12  minutes in the dry sauna.  You should feel uncomfortably warm before you get out.
  3. Follow up with a few more minutes in the wet sauna
  4. Dunk in  the COLD water tank (head and all).   You can skip this but I love the feeling.
  5. Wrap up the session with the multiple shower heads of a  Swedish shower
  6. Now you are ready to relax in a lounge chair in quiet space.  Note:  Another stint in the jacuzzi is also possible before the lounge chair. button to make a booking

lounging by jacuzzi


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