What Hurricane Season in Mexico Can Mean For Your Vacation

As hurricanes seem to be increasing in the US and Puerto Rico, many of our guests and visitors have begun to wonder what hurricane season in Mexico could possibly mean towards their travel plans.

And for good reason, the recent surge of hurricanes that battered much of the Atlantic coastline has renewed worries about unstoppable natural disasters. Specifically, we have seen an influx of our guests, curious as to whether this recent surge could possibly mean that their plans to vacation in Mexico might put them directly in harm’s way.

So to help all of our visitors better understand what hurricane season truly means and to assuage worries that Mexico is no longer safe to visit, we decided to put together this piece and answer a few questions we’ve been hearing lately.

Understanding Hurricane Season in Mexico…

Rachel and Linda Hurricane Los Cabos Mexico
See Cabo Hurricane Story Below

Though hurricanes are certainly not a new thing whatsoever, in light of recent events, we’ve begun to hear a few questions repeated among some of our visitors recently, so let’s explore a few of these together…

For those that may be unfamiliar with the term, hurricane season is simply used to describe the period of time in which hurricanes are more likely to appear and form. During this period of time, it is probable, though pretty uncommon, that large tropical storms, cyclones, and hurricanes could form off the coast of both the Atlantic and Pacific surrounding Mexico.

Generally, the entire hurricane season for much of coastal Mexico begins from the first day of June and extends all the way towards the end of November. Though this period does cover a pretty large expanse of time, nearly half the year, it doesn’t quite mean that hurricanes are constantly forming during those months nor is there a constant threat that one may be looming just off the coast. It mainly just means that conditions are generally right during this time for a hurricane to form if one were to form.


Key Points:
-The formation of hurricanes is usually rather rare.
-Even when they do form they are generally not severe or  frequent.
-The vast majority in Mexico occur in September and early October.

September and October Most Common

More often than not, out of those five months, for only two of 

Hurricane Season in Mexico Origins
Origins of Hurricanes by Weather Underground

them is a hurricane a real probability. Those being September and October as the weather begins to shift towards more humid and warm conditions. In fact, some of the more devastating and large hurricanes to strike land in Mexico have occurred during those two months, so if you are one to err heavily on the side of caution, we might suggest picking another date for a vacation so you can enjoy your stay without any worries.  September and October also has by far the most rain of the year, so that is another reason to choose one of the other ten months of the year.

Hurricane Season in Mexico and The Savvy Traveler... 

Now that we’ve gone over a bit of what hurricane season is and when it covers, it’s probably pertinent to say that hurricanes generally pose no risk to your vacation as they don’t really occur with much frequency. Though they do happen. A quick Google search will bring up more than a few hurricanes that really devastated some resorts throughout coastal Mexico. But these examples would be closer to an exception than being the rule itself. Often times, hurricanes can just mean some rather stormy weather. And while that certainly is not much fun on vacation, the risk of major harm from hurricanes is minimal.

But whether or not hurricanes form and reach land, the risk of them forming has a profound effect on travel in quite a few ways. And if you are a bit savvy and a little adventurous, you can use this to your advantage to experience everything Mexico has to offer at a fraction of the normal cost.

So let’s explore how you can use this information to plan your vacation!

 1. Taking advantage of lower airfares, cheaper rooms, and better deals for an awesome vacation in Mexico without breaking the bank…

As some travelers are a bit more wary about heading to Mexico for vacation during hurricane season, hotels and airlines will often try to supplement the lower sales period with incentives for savvy travelers to visit south of the border.

So more often than not, you can buy your plane ticket for much cheaper than you otherwise be able to and even book rooms for less.  cheap. Which means you can get that upgrade flying to Mexico without having to hope someone in first class missed their flight.

So if you want are ready to say hurricanes schm-urricanes in favor of a cheaper vacation, go ahead visit our booking page   !

2.  Go when there is almost no chance of a hurricane.

Check out our ready made bookings For Christmas , New Years,  Winter and Spring Break !

*Mandatory Hurricane Story Alert!

Ok, well it isn’t mandatory but it certainly wouldn’t be a proper piece about hurricanes without a proper hurricane story.  So.... We should have know something was up when we saw lines of cars at the gas stations on the way to the resort.  It was September 2007 and we took our daughter to Cabo to celebrate her college graduation.  Shortly after arrival we were informed of an impending hurricane.  It was only a category 1,  so daughter Rachel and I went down to the beach to check it out.

After getting sand blasted we quickly retreated to our room and rode the storm out.   Honestly, it was not bad. It was cCrazy to see the wind blasting from one direction and an hour later, blasting from the opposite direction.   The resort gathered everybody up after it passed and served pizza and lemon drop martinis, since most of the staff had fled for home.

Only one big Hurricane has hit Cabo in many years and that was Hurricane Odile in September 2014.   In fact , most hurricanes have hit Cabo in September, so you might consider after mid  October or before mid August for your Cabo vacation and give September a miss completely .

We want you to take away  that  hurricane season could present you with a unique opportunity to enjoy everything Mexico has to offer while not having to break the bank.


Don't worry too much about Hurricane Season in Mexico!  But you may want to avoid September.


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