Le Petit Chef at Vidanta

Vidanta is now offering Le Petit Chef,  a delightful dining experience that brings a whole new level of entertainment to the table. Originating as an innovative concept,mezcal cocktail this show features a tiny animated chef who "cooks" your meal right on your plate through the magic of 3D projection mapping. Guests are treated to an engaging and whimsical performance as the little chef navigates your plate, preparing virtual dishes in an enchanting and humorous way. It's a feast for the eyes and the imagination, making every meal a memorable adventure.  You can see our review of the original Le Petit Chef, which you can still get at Vidanta.

Now, there's an exciting twist with the introduction of the competition version of Le Petit Chef. This new format amps up the fun by pitting four tiny chefs against each other in a culinary showdown. Diners can enjoy the offering of each tiny chef for 4 different courses.  It's a lively and interactive experience where guests can even vote for their favorite chef, adding a competitive edge to the already captivating dining show. We attended this new version in March and were not disappointed.

Greeting Cocktail

Like the original, you  are greeted with a complex and flavorful mezcal cocktail.

Spanish Chef

Spanish BruschettaThe chef for this Spanish course entry in the competition was Pequena Maria.  Her entry was a a Spanish appetizer.  A stunning bruschetta .  The complexity and intensity of this dish made it the favorite of a number of the guests.  The 3d bullfight skewering the food added visual interest.  Paired with a white wine, it was exciting to start to a great meal.



Japanese Chef

The second course was by a Japanese chef.  Two different spring roles topped by a pork stuffed gyoza.  This course was totally delicious.  In the context of other courses,  it was not one of the top contestants, but  it was a beautiful interlude in a symphony of good food.  Of course, it wasjapanese course with gyoza accompanied by an earthy saki, which was a nice change of pace.

Italian Chef

The Italian chef,  Piccolo Luciano, provided the third course. This was an amazing truffle and mushroom ravioli with a stunning earthy , savory broth.  This one was the hands down winner for me and several others attending our session.

French Chef

The original French Le Petit Chef  created the final course #4 .  Using his miniature machine to cut the fries, he served up a steak frites with a steak fritessavory dark brown gravy.  Like the Japanese course, it was tasty and fun, but did not compete with Course #1 and #3.   The steak for a  couple of my friends was a bit tough and chewy.   This course does need a bit of work.

Dessert was a combination of all the different nationalities.  It included a 3 color cake in the colors of the Italian flag.  The Spanish entry was a tasty churro with chocolate sauce.  Again, the Japanese chef offered a fun change of pace in the form of a Pudding inside a Mochi.  The final course was 3 Macaroons which are not my favorite dessert, but my friends certainly enjoyed them.


Overall,  the food was great for both the original and the new competition version.  The 3D holographic show was  better for the original version than for the new competition version.  But the competition finished up with a virtual reality sequence using provided VR headsets that pretty darn cool.  I would say if you haven’t experienced either then choose the original.  If you have  seen the original, then the competition version is a fun sequel.                                                                                                                                                                         Find Accommodation at Vidanta

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