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Grand Mayan Palace Cancun - Map

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Grand Mayan Palace Cancun (Map)

Here is a complete resort map of the Grand Mayan Palace Cancun in the Riviera Maya. These are Vidanta resorts. In addition to all the excellent restaurants we have labeled, there are bars, pool bars and snack bars. In addition to the services labeled, there are many more including a dive center, onsite ATM, etc. Read more detailed information below the map. Click here for information on the Grand Mayan Riviera Maya, the Mayan Palace Riviera Maya and the Grand Luxxe Riviera Maya.

Grand Mayan Palace Cancun

Riviera Maya Mayan Map

Grand Luxxe

The map shows only one Grand Luxxe building finished, but actually buildings one and two are both finished. Grand Luxxe buildings three and four are in the works On the right end (north end), you can see the exclusive beach and pool area for Grand Luxxe guests (and also our Grand Mayan guests that we book with a Luxxe contract).

The Bliss and the Grand Bliss

You will also see buildings called The Bliss between the  Grand Mayan Palace and the Grand Luxxe. The Bliss is a unit type only available in Riviera Maya. The units are half way between Grand Mayan and the Mayan Palace in level. Once in a while when everything else is full, we can still get you a Bliss. In the top left of the map you can see the new Grand Bliss area. These units are one notch above the Grand Mayan and are scheduled to be open in November 2012.

Location, Location, Location

As you can see, if you are in the Grand Mayan or in the Mayan Palace, you really want to be in the buildings one to seven. Especially in the Grand Mayan, buildings 8 and above are a fairly long walk or you will need to take one of the ubiquitous shuttles. We, at MayanRental, always request the good building locations for you.