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Nuevo Vallarta Trip March 2015 - Days Five to Seven

Day Five

A little yogurt we picked up from the grocery store and it was off to another grueling day at the pool.


Interesting that chicken nachos are atIMG_0384 (Small) their best when consumed pool side.   Hey wait,  what happen

ed to daily exercise?   It somehow seems less important now ?  Maybe it’s the darn happy hour.

After a late afternoon visit with one of our owners and their family, we headed off on foot to the Marina again for dinner.   We went for a familiar choice and had pasta at Guidos’s,  a local institution for informal Italian food.

Day Six

Started out my birthday with a touch of elegance. The new Azur French restaurant on the resort has a fabulous view and exceptional service.  The food is good, but not very imaginative.  However, the ambience is great.  Later, after a frustrating bit of time trying to keep up the business on the internet , which  was having a VERY bad day,  we headed off to Old Town Puerto Vallarta.   We always enjoy soaking up the culture strolling around  Old Town and Los Muertos Beach.  As a birthday gift to me, Linda let me buy her some jewelry from her favorite shop , Cassandra Shaw.    We had an reservation  at Anejo Limon for dinner and I enjoyed a chicken and shrimp coconut curry dish, while Linda had excellent beef short ribs, one of her comfort foods.  All in all ,  a wonderful relaxing birthday.

Day Seven

Finally generated a little motivation and spent 45 minutes on the elliptical and treadmill  at the Luxxe Gym.   Later in the morning,  we decided to check out the Sunday Market in La Cruz,   a marina town  that is twenty minutes up the coast.   We stopped at the townes center plaza and were disappointed to find only a few craft stalls.   Then a local pointed us to the marina and we discovered the real market.  A huge collection of food and crafts presented by locals and a variety of expats from the U.S. and Canada, judging by their accents.  They was lots of organic “this” and green “ that” , but overall it was the best market we have ever seen in Mexico.

AS we got back to our car , it started to sprinkle and the rest of the day was a unseasonable deluge complete with thunder and lightning..  Dinner report in the next post.

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