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Rent or Bring Golf Clubs to Mexico

First off, I need to say I'm not a golfer.  But having spoken to golfers, I've been told that they choose their clubs specifically for their strengths, gender, and even height.  It's definitely NOT a one size fits all here.  Even though all the courses have pro shops and rentals available, avid golfers probably plan on bringing their own clubs. (Editors comment: for the more casual golfer, rental rates run about $35 to $40 for clubs for 18 holes)  I did some searching to find out the various costs of getting a bag, clubs and shoes to your vacation location.

At all the Mayan resorts, golf is a BIG draw.  For instance at the Grand Mayan Riviera Maya, the El Manglar course is an 18 hole par 54, that is 2923 yards long.  On the opposite coast, the Grand Mayan Acapulco offers the Copra course at 18 holes par 72, and 6156 yards.  Along the Sea of Cortez, the Mayan Palace Puerto Penasco offers a challenging 7210 yard, 18 hole, par 72 course.  At the Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta, the newly redesigned Nayar course offers 6936 yards and 18 holes, par 71.

Option 1--US Mail--Not very cost effective when shipping internationally.  An average 40 pound bag of clubs using Express Mail International will run about $145.  The maximum per-package weight (including the box it's being shipped in) is 44 pounds, so any more than that would require a second box starting at another $30.  That's EACH WAY.  So therefore round trip costs will be around $300.   Insurance would be extra.

Option 2--Private Shipping Companies--There are lots of them out there.  Just Google "Golf Club Shipping".  One company I checked out quoted just over $340 round trip including $500 insurance each way.   Another thing to consider is the time it takes to get to your resort.  On average, they indicated 6-8 business days.  There could be a few problems that might really mess up your golf plans though.  There are lots of holidays you might not be aware of and not be considered a "business day" thereby delaying the arrival of your clubs.  Another issue could be the time it takes to clear customs.  Theoretically quick, but a definite variable you can't control.

Option 3--Bring your clubs on the plane to Mexico with you.  Golf bag hard cardboard shipping boxes are readily available at an standard size of 15' x 15" x 48" (LxWxH)  (78 linear inches) and can be gotten from your local golf shop or online.  There can be up to 3 additional fees--second bag, over weight, and over size.  The normal baggage maximums are 50 pounds and 62" total size.    The fees listed below are as of 1/27/12 and may change at any time.  Also all fees are EACH way.   Call your airline to be sure to note in the reservation that you'll be bringing clubs--many require advance notice as space is limited.  One detail to be mindful of:  Often sporting equipment is unloaded last from the plane, so it won't be with your suitcase on the carousel.  Be prepared for a wait.  Click on the airline link  in the examples below to be brought to their sites for extra info.


Airline Golf Bag Fee for 50 lb bag Oversize Info (over 62") Overweight Info (over 50 lbs)
Air Canada $20 CAD standard 2nd checked bag fee (1st bag free) No oversize charge, max 115" + 51-70 lbs = $100 CAD
Alaska Air $20 standard 2nd checked bag fee No oversize charge, max 115" + 51-100 lbs = $50
American $30 standard 2nd checked bag fee Limited to standard size box Up to 70 lbs free, 71- 99 lbs= $200
Continental $40 standard 2nd checked bag fee (1st bag free) None if Bag, Clubs, Balls and Shoes only None if only golf items
Jet Blue $35 standard 2nd checked bag fee (1st bag free) None if Bag, Clubs, Balls and Shoes only + 51-70 lbs= $50, 71- 99 lbs= $100

Have Fun!

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