Summer Activities in Vallarta

Wonderful flawless sea shores, enchanting seaside towns, and fabulous summer activities are yours when you visit Vallarta in the Summer.  No matter if you are a nature lover, an adventure seeker, a family group or a city sophisticate, continue perusing as we are covering the best 10 ideas for summer in Vallarta and you will discover a little something for everybody!

Walk Around the Puerto Vallarta Pier

Generally known as the Malecon, the Puerto Vallarta Pier runs for a whole mile of continuous ocean vistas in the Banderas Bay. While one side of the promenade is lined by the perpetually emerald waters of the sea, the other one is lined with various shops, eateries and bars. Walking around as the sun is kissing the sea goodnight is a phenomenal time, as your chances for free music and dance shows increases.   During the day, on the other hand, you will want to drench yourself into the imaginative energy of the promenade, as you will likely encounter fascinating public shows.   Don’t be afraid of the street food vendors.  They are strictly regulated here.   If you want to have a little help, sign up of one of the many food tours available.


Attempt Wind-Surfing or Boogie Boarding at One of the Many Perfect Beaches.

As Puerto Vallarta's focal sea shore, Playa Los Muertos is quite possibly the most mainstream vacation spot around.   However,  many places , including the Grand Mayan in Nuevo Vallarta have water sports rentals.  For all committed daredevils, visiting in December may be a superior though as the waves are bigger and the conditions are more appropriate for serious surfers. Beginning surf lessons can be had in Sayulita, where the break is perfect for learning. (see below)


Have A Great Day at Aquaventuras Park

In the event that you are staying with us at one of the Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta suites, you should have a day loaded up with fun and laughter at Aquaventuras Park, which is right down the road. In addition to multiple water slides and rides, it also includes the Dolphin Discovery Center. So in between exploring two monstrous pools, the climbing obstacle and the zip lines, you can watch or participate in the dolphin show. In the event that you are searching a unique learning experience, make a point to book a time for swimming with dolphins and Sea Lions as well.


Explore the Route to Las Animas beach

With all the  lovely beach options, hiking to one probably won't be among the most obvious summer exercises in PVR.   But if you are up for a slightly more adventurous day,  the path from Boca de Las Tomatlan to Las Animas may be perfect for you.   The path runs for about 2.5 miles along deserted , isolated beaches so you can cool off as needed and enjoy continuous views.  This day trip will permit you to unwind and appreciate the beach front wilderness en route and the restaurants when you arrive.


Visit The Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe

church of the Virgin guadalupe
Iconic Puerto Vallarta 

Your outing to Puerto Vallarta won't be finished until you visit the iconic Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The current

construction only goes back to the 1940’s, but it is generally thought that the congregation established the first frameworks of a little sanctuary from early in the nineteenth century. Only one look is needed at the beautiful architecture and the recently repaired bell tower to be drawn inside for more information.   Devoted to the Virgin Mary, guests will find a marble focal point bearing the image of our Lady inside the sanctuary.




Go on a Boat Outing to Los Arcos National Marine Park

Inside the the Banderas Bay, Los Arcos National Marine Park is an unquestionably good choice for a visit. The amazing perspectives afforded by the perpetually  gin clear waters and enormous rock arch (hence the name) ascending high over the water are certainly not the only motivation behind a  boat outing to Los Arcos.  It is outstanding amongst other summer exercises to do in Puerto Vallarta. Under the serene waters, a one of a kind beautiful coral reef and exotic fish can be found.  So take the plunge in the warm waters of Banderas Bay and have an exciting submerged encounter.


Discover Heaven on Earth at Marietas Islands

Found nearly 4 miles off  Punta de Mita Peninsula, guests can discover a collection of islands scattered at the entrance to Banderas Bay.  resembling paradise on Earth. The islands have recently become a famous choice for visitors.  , Playa del Amor, otherwise called the Hidden Beach, is the island's gem, as a cavern with an opening to the sky. Plunging your toes into the perfect white sand and appreciating the glorious perspectives is certainly among the best summer exercises in Vallarta.  If your tour allows, this is also a good time for snorkeling, since the ocean waters are warmer.  Blue Footed and rown footed Boobies are funny birds you can find here as well. 

Unwind at Vallarta Botanical Garden

Covering a large area of land, Vallarta Botanical Garden is one of the must-visit puts close to Puerto Vallarta. While the principle focal point of the nurseries is to safeguard and develop orchids, guests will actually want to experience a giganticbotanical gardens flowers assortment of bright blossoming blossoms consistently. From monstrous palm trees to a huge desert plants assortment, the twisting ways of the greenhouse will permit you to discover harmony and calm away from the hurrying around of the city. There meandering walking paths amidst a beautiful collection of flora and fauna outside.  But make sure to take mosquito repellant and go early to miss the heat if you are going in summer time.


A Day Trip  to Sayulita

In the event that you need to encounter the remarkable Mexican energy and air, you should plan a road trip to the small Patricias Surf Lessonsenchanting town of Sayulita. It is best to lose all sense of direction in the middle of the back streets of the city and track down a nearby café, which serves customary Mexican dishes.  Don’t worry, it is too small to be lost for long,.  Remember to snatch a little keepsake from one of the shops to bring back every one of the great recollections once you are back home.  As we mentioned ,  Sayulita is the best beach for learning to surf.  We like Patricia’s Surf Lessons.



Deliver Baby Turtles Back To  Ocean

Last, but unquestionably not least, in our rundown of the best summer activities to do in Vallarta is delivering baby turtlesturtle release into the the bay. Local people have undertaken a preservation project, which hopes to prevent the loss of the unfathomable marine turtles. There are several organizations that participate.  Guests can go along on one of the sundown launchings.  Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta has their own program and guests there can sign up to assist in delivering the hatchlings into the sea.  The busiest times are between July and December.   



So pick one of your two of your favorites from our choice of ten summer activites in Vallarta  and grab some plane tickets !!

And we already have weeks reserved for you for the winter/spring.  Check it out on our AVAILABLE-NOW page.


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