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Mexican Vacation Tips

Tips and tricks for traveling in Mexico

Save a Hundred Bucks or Much More on Your Vacation

Facebook Twitter Google+MayanRental Referral Program You love vacationing at one or more of the Vidanta Resorts.  You know the food is great,  the kids love it,  and the accommodations are second to none.  So what could be better?   I will...

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Misconceptions about Mexico Safe Mexican Marketplace

Top 4 Misconceptions about Mexico

Facebook Twitter Google+"México is..." We want to clear up some misconceptions about México that travelers often have...  Let's start with the top four. México is one of those places that simply captivates you from the moment you step out of...

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Medicines to Take to Mexico (Or Not)

Facebook Twitter Google+How would I know what medicines to take to Mexico (or not).?  Well it turns out that, when I am not travelling to Mexico,  my day job is as  professor of pharmacy and I have been a practicing...

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Don't Drink the Water? Safety in Mexico

Facebook Twitter Google+Drinking and Water Safety in Mexico It is an age old question for those traveling to Mexico or any country that does not have 100% reliable water supply.  This is because of the notorious Montezumas revenge.  So can...

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embarrassed at the spa

Massage Etiquette: Naked with a Stranger?

Facebook Twitter Google+How To Arrive With Confidence In Your Spa Etiquette Since many of our bookings at Grand Luxxe , Spa Tower and Loft come with free or discounted massages, I have had to learn a few things about massage...

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Spanish Phrases for shopping in Mexican Boutiques

Learning Spanish Phrases: Going Out Shopping…

Facebook Twitter Google+Hola! ¿Cómo están mis amigos? This time around for our Learning Spanish phrases series, I wanted to tackle something that you’ll definitely need if want to make the most of your vacation south of the border. That, being...

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Rachel and Linda Hurricane Los Cabos Mexico

What Hurricane Season in Mexico Can Mean For Your Vacation

Facebook Twitter Google+Hurricane Season in Mexico Was Mild So Far This Year. As people across three states within the US and several islands in the Atlantic work to regain some sense of balance and normalcy in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma,...

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Cooking Authentic Mexican Food

Learning Spanish Phrases: Dining Out and About

Facebook Twitter Google+Hola! ¿Como Estan? Seré tu camarero esta noche… If that phrase had you reaching for your Spanish to English Dictionary or ready to recite your long studied phrase of “No Hablo Español”, don’t worry. Learning Spanish for your...

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tulum beach with no Mexico crime

Is Mexico Still Safe for Vacation?  (Mexico Crime 2017)

Facebook Twitter Google+Is Mexico Crime making it unsafe for tourism in 2017?  The short answer is no.   Recently the State Department in the U.S.has issued some warnings about Mexico.   We will address them below. Riviera Maya There have been a...

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cell phone in mexico

Using Your US Cellular Phone in Mexico

Facebook Twitter Google+ Without a doubt, sing your US cellular phone in Mexico while you venturing outside of the US is important.  You will experience a unique opportunity to build lasting memories, experience the rich culture of our neighbors to...

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