It is Confusing !! So here goes our best shot at explaining the differences.

First of all the Riviera Maya and the Nuevo Vallarta locations have all the above options. You can see resort maps linked below showing the locations of the each unit type. Other locations have only one or two of the options

Riviera Maya Mayan Resort Map        Nuevo Vallarta Mayan Resort Map

They are all high quality studios and suites with a similar layout.

mayan palace living


Mayan Palace:  This is the standard high quality Vidanta unit.  We rent many of these every year and people are often surprised at how truly nice they are.  Acapulco has brand new units.



Grand Mayan:  The Grand Mayan units are significantly larger and have nicer amenities like grand mayan bedroomseparate showers, granite counters and Jacuzzi tubs.  The biggest advantage are the large balconies for sitting and relaxing with your own private cooling pool.




Grand Bliss:  The Grand Bliss units are only slightly larger than the Grand Mayan units,

grand bliss suite

but their light and airy decor is just a bit more contemporary,   there is a fridge in the second bedroom, and they are in quieter locations.  In Nuevo Vallarta ,  the Grand Bliss is just a bit farther from the Grand Mayan Pools and there is also a separate exclusive Grand Bliss pool area.   In Riviera Maya, the Grand Bliss is a long walk or a shuttle ride from the pools.



Grand Luxxe:  The Grand Luxxe suites are HUGE.  over 2000 square feet for a two bedroom including the balcony.  They have larger TV's and beautiful amenties.  They have their own exclusive pool areas,  higher levels of service,  more amentities included like golf, massages and internet

DSCN0136 and are our top of the line offering (well until the Spa Tower, Loft and Residence become available)  The balconies are very large with tables and seating and a luxurious small private cooling pool.  There are two types of Luxxe units .  You can find more info on these in  our Luxxe Villa vs Condo FAQ.



Spa Tower:  The latest edition are the Grand Luxxe Spa Tower units.   They are the first to have a three bedroom option and also have a two bedroom version.   They are no larger than the Luxxe but have a separate massage room for private massages,  walk in closets,  more hardwood floors and spa-tower-livingwhat we would call a "softer" decor.  The sliders to the deck open up an enormous expanse to the open air on the balconies.

We have made a table comparing all the info : Grand Mayan, Grand Bliss, Grand Luxxe, Mayan Palace comparisons  We will be updating it soon with Spa Tower and Loft information.

Call with Questions:  616-855-4468

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First off, I need to say I'm not a golfer.  But having spoken to golfers, I've been told that they choose their clubs specifically for their strengths, gender, and even height.  It's definitely NOT a one size fits all here.  Even though all the courses have pro shops and rentals available, avid golfers probably plan on bringing their own clubs. (Editors comment: for the more casual golfer, rental rates run about $35 to $40 for clubs for 18 holes)  I did some searching to find out the various costs of getting a bag, clubs and shoes to your vacation location.

At all the Mayan resorts, golf is a BIG draw.  For instance at the Grand Mayan Riviera Maya, the El Manglar course is an 18 hole par 54, that is 2923 yards long.  On the opposite coast, the Grand Mayan Acapulco offers the Copra course at 18 holes par 72, and 6156 yards.  Along the Sea of Cortez, the Mayan Palace Puerto Penasco offers a challenging 7210 yard, 18 hole, par 72 course.  At the Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta, the newly redesigned Nayar course offers 6936 yards and 18 holes, par 71.

Option 1--US Mail--Not very cost effective when shipping internationally.  An average 40 pound bag of clubs using Express Mail International will run about $145.  The maximum per-package weight (including the box it's being shipped in) is 44 pounds, so any more than that would require a second box starting at another $30.  That's EACH WAY.  So therefore round trip costs will be around $300.   Insurance would be extra.

Option 2--Private Shipping Companies--There are lots of them out there.  Just Google "Golf Club Shipping".  One company I checked out quoted just over $340 round trip including $500 insurance each way.   Another thing to consider is the time it takes to get to your resort.  On average, they indicated 6-8 business days.  There could be a few problems that might really mess up your golf plans though.  There are lots of holidays you might not be aware of and not be considered a "business day" thereby delaying the arrival of your clubs.  Another issue could be the time it takes to clear customs.  Theoretically quick, but a definite variable you can't control.

Option 3--Bring your clubs on the plane to Mexico with you.  Golf bag hard cardboard shipping boxes are readily available at an standard size of 15' x 15" x 48" (LxWxH)  (78 linear inches) and can be gotten from your local golf shop or online.  There can be up to 3 additional fees--second bag, over weight, and over size.  The normal baggage maximums are 50 pounds and 62" total size.    The fees listed below are as of 1/27/12 and may change at any time.  Also all fees are EACH way.   Call your airline to be sure to note in the reservation that you'll be bringing clubs--many require advance notice as space is limited.  One detail to be mindful of:  Often sporting equipment is unloaded last from the plane, so it won't be with your suitcase on the carousel.  Be prepared for a wait.  Click on the airline link  in the examples below to be brought to their sites for extra info.

Airline Golf Bag Fee for 50 lb bag Oversize Info (over 62") Overweight Info (over 50 lbs)
Air Canada $20 CAD standard 2nd checked bag fee (1st bag free) No oversize charge, max 115" + 51-70 lbs = $100 CAD
Alaska Air $20 standard 2nd checked bag fee No oversize charge, max 115" + 51-100 lbs = $50
American $30 standard 2nd checked bag fee Limited to standard size box Up to 70 lbs free, 71- 99 lbs= $200
Continental $40 standard 2nd checked bag fee (1st bag free) None if Bag, Clubs, Balls and Shoes only None if only golf items
Jet Blue $35 standard 2nd checked bag fee (1st bag free) None if Bag, Clubs, Balls and Shoes only + 51-70 lbs= $50, 71- 99 lbs= $100

Have Fun!

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Yes and it's free if you rent from owners like us. If you rent from the resort or go as an RCI exchange, there is a $15 charge per person.

The only exceptions to this are the Grand Mayan Acapulco / Mayan Palace Acapulco and the Puerto Penasco Mayan Palace resorts. For information on Acapulco in Spanish , see Acapulco Grand Mayan in Spanish or Acapulco Mayan Palace in Spanish

Either way, everyone pays for transport back to the airport.


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Everyone uses different terminology, Vidanta Resorts call it a Master Room, many internet sites say Studio, most accurate is probably "hotel room"  except for the Luxxe Villas and Loft which are legitimate studios.  

Mayan Palace studios have two double beds and a small table and chairs. No kitchen.

Grand Mayan studios have one king bed and a love seat that pulls out into two short single beds only for kids. there is a balcony, but there is no cooling pool on the balcony. It's rated for 2 adults and 2 children under 13 years old.

Grand Luxxe Standard Studios likewise have one king bed and a love seat that pulls out into two short single beds only for kids. there is a balcony, but there is no cooling pool on the balcony. It's rated for 2 adults and 2 children under 13 years old.

Grand Luxxe Villa Studios are more like a small one bedroom suite.  It has a king bed and separate room with a sleeper sofa, refrigerator,  microwave and some even have two balconies. 

Loft Studios  feature a living and dining space complete with TV, an elevated bedroom with either a king-size bed or two double beds just behind the plush living space, one and a half bathrooms with one Jacuzzi tub, a private terrace with plunge pool, and a small private balcony at the rear of the unit.

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Grand Mayan and Mayan Palace studios do not have refrigerators.   If you are staying in the Grand Bliss there is a refrigerator ( but no microwave) in the studio units. The Grand Luxxe Villa units have a refrigerator and a microwave in the studio, the Grand Luxxe Suites (condo) units do not. for details see: Vidanta Luxury Levels:  What's The Difference 


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There is wireless in all locations and it's free if booked with us at MayanRental   Of course,  like everywhere, they are happy to give up a higher speed wifi for an upcharge.  

button to make a booking

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Absolutely. Mayan resorts are committed to kids. They have kids programs every day for kids 5 and older  for free and babysitting is also available at additional cost. Mexicans in general love kids. There are kids activities at all Mayan Resorts as far as we know.

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 You can request a crib at any of the Mayan Resorts at no charge. Just let us know when you make the booking and we will put the request in with the resort. It shouldn't be necessary, but it is probably a good idea to phone the resort a few days before arrival to confirm the crib.


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Our Mayan Palace guests have a discounted rate of around $99 and our Grand Mayan guests pay $50 to $70. This is for 18 holes with a cart, and does not include club rental. If you rent from someone else and plan to golf, make sure it is not an RCI exchange, there will be no discount.

Upper level units like the Luxxe, Spa Tower and Loft have either free or discounted golf included.  Ask for details.


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Actually... no. But hey, with resorts like these, it would be a crime to sit in the room and watch TV. There are a growing number of english cable channels, but remember what we said about it being a crime.

Update: The new Grand Luxxe suites do have DVD player rentals available from the concierge. You can , of course get movies as well.


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In general, rentals are for one week beginning only on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday or Monday.

Our rates are so low, it usually costs less to rent a week from us unless you need 3 nights or less.

During low season we can sometimes get 1 to 3 extra nights for you.  The extra nights are  a bit more "per night" but not outrageous.



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Absolutely, positively NOT !! You are going as the guest of an owner. They will offer you a tour of the resort (read sales presentation) and usually 10 or  15% off your food bill. If that is worth it, feel free. Also, feel free to say no. The sales pitch is really quite enthusiastic.



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All of the resorts except Mazatlan have excellent spas on site as well as state of the art exercise facilities. Our guests have free access to the spa and workout facilities. You will pay extra for massages, classes and other services. 

However, many of our Luxxe, Spa Tower, Loft, and Residence rentals come with free massages and some come with 2 for 1 massages. 


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Our members own weeks in a one of the luxury levels.  They can book whatever weeks are still available.  However, they do not own a specific unit.   The good news is that all the units are decorated and maintained to the same high standard



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In a word, NO. Many vacation rentals charge extra for maid service and or charge a daily room tax. You are renting from an individual so the only extra charge you will pay is a per week timeshare tax that the resort charges when you check out of only $20-$40.


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 Mayan Palace and Grand Mayan:
  • Two bedroom suite: 6 adults and 2 kids under 13. (Up to 8 adults in Grand Mayan)
  • One bedroom suite : 4 adults and 2 kids under 13
  • Master Room (Studio): 2 adults and 2 kids under 13

Grand Luxxe Condo,  Grand Luxxe Villa ,  Spa Tower

  • Spa Tower 3 BR :  8 adults and 2 kids under 13
  • Two bedroom suites: 6 adults and 2 kids under 13.  8 adults in Luxxe Villa)
  • One bedroom suite : 4 adults and 2 kids under 13
  • Master Room (Studio): 2 adults and 2 kids under 13


  • 3 BR :  8 adults and 2 kids under 13
  • Two bedroom: 6 adults and 2 kids under 13.  
  • One bedroom: 2 adults and 2 kids under 13.
  • Studio :  2 adults and 2 kids under 13.


  • 4 BR :  12 adults and 2 kids under 13



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We have developed a rental process that keeps other renters and timeshare owners happy. You do not pay a deposit until:

#1 we book it and give you confirmation


#2 you can Confirm with Mayan Central reservation to confirm that it is booked in your name for the correct date and resort.


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Mayan Rental has an established track record. Over the past 8 years, we have helped literally thousands of guests book vacations in Mexico's Mayan Resorts. Check out our testimonials page Some people have left email addresses so you can email them and ask about their experiences at the Mayan Palace , Grand Mayan, Grand Bliss, Grand Luxxe,  Spa Tower, Loft, or Luxxe Residence


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No, they don't. Our guests also do not  pay all inclusive fees or resort fees.   They are free to one of the many restaurants on site,  cook in their suite,  or visit one of the top notch restaurants in town and likely save money to boot.

Restaurants on site are very high quality and reasonably priced.  All the resorts have a phenomenal breakfast buffet. Prices vary from $15 for small buffet at the Puerto Vallarta Mayan Palace to $20 for the spectacular spread at the Del Lago Restaurant at Vidanta Riviera Maya and Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta.    There are casual restaurants  around the pool area as well as specialty and ethnic restaurants of various varieties. 

Click for restaurant descriptions of Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta Dining options, the largest resort.


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Our rate are low because we connect you with timeshare owners who aren’t using all their weeks. The rental covers the maintenance fee and puts a little cash in their pocket. So our rates end up being usually 1/2 of what you would pay for the same unit if you booked directly with resort.

Better Perks

Not only do you get better rates, but you get more perks that only time share owners and their guests can enjoy. That includes free access to the waterpark in Grand Mayan Acapulco, free access to the top of the line exercise facilities at all resorts, and free transportation to the resort in Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta and Los Cabos and Mazatlan.

The Only Catch

The catch is the extra steps of having us check availability and pay before you go. We have Instantly Available Units that we have already paid for and pre-reserved.  But, if those don't work you will need to fill out an Inquiry Form We try to get back to you quickly.

And you will also have to pay before you go, rather than at the resort.


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Certainly! The water is totally drinkable in all the Mayan Resorts. In addition all the tourist area restaurants use filtered water. DO NOT LET WATER FEARS prevent you from enjoying Mexico.

However when you travel to areas like the Mayan ruins or up into the mountains in Puereto Vallarta you should buy bottles of water on site. Make sure it is still sealed. Otherwise COKE (without ice) or beer are safe to drink. We have written a more extensive blog post on water in Mexico that may be helpful.  

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Guests that rent with us, get free transportation from the airport to the resorts in Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Maya, and Los Cabos.  You will have to pay for transport back to the airport.  We will send info how to arrange transport when we complete your booking.

Unfortunately, the Mayan Palace Acapulco and Grand Mayan Acapulco do not provide free transportation to the resort. We are not sure why this resort is the exception. It may be because the resort is only a 4 hour drive from Mexico City and many people choose to drive. In any case, it is best to catch a taxi for the short 10 minute ride to the resort. Make sure you specify Acapulco Grand Mayan or Acapulco Mayan Palace so they drop you at the right reception area. The taxi rate isn't bad, maybe $20 or less.


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Absolutely !!  All the suites are air conditioned ! These are all world class resorts in Mexico.

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Yes,  hair dryers are provided in each bathroom at all locations

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In Mexico they are not as fussy about age.   Certainly 18 years old is fine.

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There are pull out couches that are too short for adults in all Grand mayan and Grand Luxxe condo studios.   The same is true for Mayan palace studios with the exception of the Mayan Palace Playa in Acapulco which has only the king bed.  The Grand Luxxe Villa studio (Junior Villa)  has 2 adult single beds in a separate living space.  

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Is there a room tax when we rent from you?

Yes there is a small timeshare tax charged by the resort. It depends on the cost of the unit and varies from $20 to $75 for the entire week. Most units are around $30 to $40.

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Mexico is a fairly conservative country.  Keep your suit on. 

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Most of the units have irons.   Luxxe levels for sure.  Grand Mayan usually.  Not sure about Mayan Palac.e 

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Sure.  there are wedding planners at the resort and off the resort.  we can get accommodations for your whole family and all your friends.  Just contact us early.  

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Sorry, but the  Vidanta resorts are not set up for pets.  

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Depending on the building,  it is 10 to 15 minutes walk to the beach from the Lofts.   However, there are a on-resort shuttles running all the time that will take you to the beach.  

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If you rent from us there is not a resort fee, because you are going as the guest of an owner.  There is a small daily timeshare tax, depending on the size of the unit.  but it is generally  less than $5 / day

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It is a drip coffee maker. Many units also have, in addition, the classic Nespresso also with pods for sale. 

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Please check with the concierge desk. They have the information to help you book any tours you may be interested in.

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Taxi service is available from Vidanta to the Playa del Carmen shopping district. Your concierge can help you set up taxi service.  It has been on and off, but sometimes there are shuttle services that drop you near Walmart for a nominal fee.  

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Only the Loft and above have ovens and I think they have dishwashers.  Will know for sure on Feb 25, 2022.  🙂

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Mayan Palace, Grand Mayan, Grand Bliss, and Grand Luxxe have a stove top with burners. Lofts and above have ovens.

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Grand Mayan balconies are bigger than Mayan Palace, no matter which resort.

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